A little known fact – Lambie has to sit in old bonfires.  It’s his thing.

When he was younger, he did exactly the same thing but that one was still warm, so he sported a singed wool look for a while, which was a bit different.  This bonfire, hopefully, is not hot enough to do that.

But yet Lambie insists on sitting in the old bonfire.  I guess it’s because he can.  I don’t know.  I did ask him.

And Lambie seemed very happy.  OH said that maybe the bonfire was still warm but I doubt that as it we built it last week.  Daisy wrote, when I sent her the photo, and I quote “It’s as if a woolly asteroid hit the earth”.

Mummy’s little woolly asteroid it is then.

Even I think this is strange!

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11 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Alexa Berenbak

    Hugs to Lambie. I bet he smells terrible when his wool would get singed. BTW I truly loved your pictures yesterday – they were great. Hugs to all your babies. You are so busy caring for your four-legged creatures plus all your other “activities”. You are a special person to keep up with your babies – kudos. I am down to a rescued early 20 years old donkey named Sam. Donkeys are very special too. Oh, do have 4 dogs & 2 cats. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your posts.

    1. Frances Post author

      I love donkeys and would rescue them all in a heartbeat but they are not suitable for the Shetland weather.

      1. Alexa Berenbak

        I have read your posts about your ponies with wind, cold temperatures, & rain. I am in North Alabama or the deep South. Sam has very THICK furry winter coat but I blanket him when 20F. It does get that cold here but clears away pretty. Sorry to bore you. Please have a good evening!

  2. Kathleen Woolley

    Hi. The donkeys in our little village love to roll in the bonfires. I wonder if it’s to kill any mites or midges.. who knows !

  3. Sherry Walter

    I spread wood ash on the ice in the winter and my mini donk, Winston, loves to roll in the ashes.

  4. gabi

    My husband thinks it’s because more heat will be absorbed by the sun than grass, hence it will appear warmer just as paved roads are warmer than their surrounds. He has a science degree so there’s probably truth in that.


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