All Go Today – Farrier

Today Stephen, our farrier, visited us.

I call this photo “Waiting for the Farrier”….. Harry kept us entertained so it was no hardship.  He is such a wee fat sossage!

First up was Efstur – a full set on for him.  He insisted on standing like a tripod which was funny to watch.  He is learning how to do this.

Then Dreki, who was very sweet.

Daddy showed them how it was done – ever the professional.

Those that were shod, were all hot shod. No one minded.

Then Kappi who just, as usual, got on with it.

Then it was Sóley and Lilja’s turn – the girlie double act.

Lilja enjoyed having her “nails” done!

And Klaengur? – he had his shoes taken off, and a trim. He is now on full sick leave. He’s done something to his back and has not been right the last two times I rode him. The physiotherapist  is coming up at the end of August and hopefully this will help him or at least give us some kind of way forward.  I am very sad but maybe it can be fixed.  I think possibly having sex with Lilja every ten minutes may have contributed to this situation.

A Foxtrot and Home

Now this is amazing. I have never seen two foxes (from this year’s litter, I think) “fox-trot”.  It is fascinating to watch them bicker – I turned the sound up for that bit – and then settle down and eat next to each other like nothing has happened.

This was the last film I took at Mum’s the night before we left to come home.

Floss and I eventually got home off the ferry this morning and yes, all my flowers are out, like I thought they would be.

They look beautiful.  I am so pleased.  My earlier efforts have been worthwhile.

I think OH watered them, which was kind.

In other fields, Harry, or as Daisy calls him “Barrelson Ford”, is doing very well. He was thrilled when our car came down the track and bounced all over the place in happiness!

Later on, I sat in the field with him and was duly ignored by everyone else.

Harrel still likes to sit on my knee although he is bigger, and he has beautiful eyelashes.

Of course there were also lots of lovely Minions around to kiss hello.

Daisy has managed the animals beautifully.

No one suffered in our abscence, despite their lies!

The wild flowers are out too.  I am so happy to be home.



Boat Heading Home

Floss and I made it!

We’re on the boat heading home now. A huge relief. It’s been a long trip. This last leg was much easier.

After a good night’s sleep (I slept for ten hours straight!), we were first up for breakfast, and left at 08.30, reaching Aberdeen four and a half hours later. We treated ourselves to a nice lunch, a quick wander into the Apple store to quiz the staff about the merits of their laptops (Floss is on the hunt) and lastly Marks and Spencer’s, whose air-conditioning is sublime, to buy supper for the boat.

The boat is just leaving Aberdeen harbour, as I type. I can’t wait to get home. I wonder if anyone has missed us.

Half Way

There are no words.

Nine and a half hours from Mum’s to Tebay, Cumbria. A trip that should’ve taken four and a half hours according to the Twat-Nav, who behaved himself, just! Our little car is going well in the excessive summer heat and Floss and I are still alive, thanks to the air conditioning. We’re leaving first thing tomorrow for the next leg to Aberdeen. Roadworks at Glasgow. I am now obsessed.

Night, night xx

Fox Overload

From last night. Wow, just wow. I am so happy – Mr Fox, Master Fox and Miss Fox all happily bickering, like families do, over food!  I never thought I would see so many and all together. For me, and my very amateur and hopeful filming, this is a wonderful coup.  One more try tonight, and then I will call it a day on the fox family for the time being as we are going north tomorrow.

So here is the last of Mum’s beautiful garden.

Rosa ‘Abraham Darby’

Mum in her “double” greenhouse (one stuck onto another).  She has given me some more growing  little oak and cherry trees (she thinks!)

Little Himself – Master of All He Surveys. This is His Garden.

(he knows what he did yesterday!)

Rosa ‘Eden’

So tomorrow, Floss and I are driving north back to Tebay for the night and then onwards to the boat home.  Wish us a safe journey.