Terrier Toys

Ted arrived with a large sack of toys. I brought them all with us thinking it would be good for him to have familiar things around him in an unknown environment.  One of the “toys” was this treat hiding puzzle.

So I put little cat treats (beloved by every dog I know) in and set it up – Ted walked off instantly bored.

But Pepper was intrigued.

“What is this, Mum?”

“Maybe if I just sit and look at it, all will become clear”.

“I can smell the nummies and I will get them out”.

Ted wandered in, again refusing to have a go (probably because he knew I would give him his fair share of treats without asking for the effort!)

Pepper was in her element.

And so was Ted!

They’re all doing ok. The odd hiccough – like Ted nipping down last night to steal Monster’s early morning breakfast (in a bowl with a timer on its lid).  Monster was furious and told us all about it every ten minutes from 4 am onwards!  I know it wasn’t Pepper because she spent the whole night beside me, softly snoring and I did hear the soft pad of a small dog on the stairs going off to steal.

But we can move the cat’s bowl and work around these tiresome tribulations.

Snow Day

Our smattering of snow has gained momentum – suddenly it grays over and then there is a good flurry.

While we were feeding everyone first thing this morning, the snow started.

I gave Taktur his grub and he gave me his best Handsome Prince. Swoon. ❤️

Dreki was grinning inanely.

And I opened the gate, once Taktur had finished his bucket, and let everyone into the paddock where they share their two haynets.

They are good at this.  Never a cross word.  It is easy.

Lucky Kappi had bagged one for himself.

Meanwhile, in another field, the old men and ladies were eating their buckets of food. It is really only Haakon and Iacs that need their TurmerAid, but the others get the very definition of a smidgen of nothing to keep the peace.

The day was revving up but in a beautiful, if snowy, way.

Iacs being Iacs.  Note the snowy silly frilly.

On tomorrow’s shopping list are 10 new buckets.  We seem to get through them this time of year. I can’t think why!

Smiling Sóley – such a pretty girl and very grown up now.

While Floss cleaned and refilled the water buckets, she had help.  Always help.

Once done, we went indoors for our breakfast. Animals before people. That’s the rule I was taught.

Whirlwind Day

Well, now there is playing which is good and arguing, which is fine too.  No one cares. They all have to sort themselves out.  This morning Ted snapped at Pepper so Monster biffed Ted.  A circle of life, sort of!

And yes, we have snow. A smattering.

I took Ted out first thing and then went to help OH and Floss with their morning animal routine.  Lambie ran over to see me, when I called and then remembered he didn’t know who I was (payback time).

Floss and I popped over to Leradale to check the five Minions living there – Vitamin, Waffle, Silver, Newt and Fivla.

Tiddles has laminitis again and as Storm and Albie are very fat, they have joined him.  Apparently there was lots of warm weather which has not helped anyone – too much grass despite being on a hill park with nothing.  Dammit.

OH and I took Pepper and Ted out for a walk in the big field.  Ted started off on a lead, but I soon gave up and unclipped him.

He was thrilled and raced around so happy with Pepper behind.  BeAnne’s fluorescent tankini fits beautifully.

Back at home, this afternoon, as the sun was setting, I had a quick chat with the sheep.

‘Ster was first up. Lambie said he had no Muzzah.

The girls look good. Particularly Edna who has no teeth now.

Harrel the Barrel is small but rotund.

Maggie is much tamer and remembers me (I am so pleased).

‘Bert is greying around his muzzle.

And Lambie decided I might be allowed to talk.  Might.  Nothing else.

The horses are all fine – fat and happy.

Even the old men.

And then suddenly Lambie snuck up to tell me I was his Muzzah and my heart melted.  It is so good to be home.

The Winning Smile!



Home – Phew!

Ted was brilliant on the journey. He really manned up, staying clean in his kennel and is now completely cured of whining (who knew a 2 day journey including 14 hours on a boat could do this?)

Anywho, leaving our long and arduous travels well behind us, Ted and I arrived home at about 8.00. Pepper was delirious to see a new dog (read victim). I however was chopped liver and I think she doesn’t remember me at all.

The two dogs sussed each other out.

And Monster watched.

While I wouldn’t say Ted is thrilled with Pepper, having spent all his life wanting to play with another dog, Pepper is besotted with Ted.

On a good note, Ted has obviously lived with cats before. He had three homes before Mum so somewhere there was a cat in all of that.  Monster got in a few “pervy sniffs”.

And then promptly sat in Ted’s spare bed to make his point. Something about Ruling The World.

Lunchtime.  My travel bag fell in a puddle when I arrived home.

Someone had a telling-off for being a total brat who seems to have lost the art of listening or doing what she is told.

And so now peace reigneth and I think all will be well if a certain Princess can calm down and behave herself.  I moved Ted’s lovely pink fluffy bed to live under my desk where he is currently sleeping while I type this.  That is where BeAnne used to live.

I wish I could tell Mum that Ted is happy.  She would want to know this.

On Boat Now

Ted and I were up and out by sunrise (07:15) and up on the hills behind the house. It was beautiful – ruddy freezing though, but beautiful. We were the only ones there.

A good English breakfast ,packing and then back on the road for us.  Ted had one of my sausages for sitting nicely while I ate.

Many hours later, a quick stop off at Tesco, Dundee for my supper, I took Ted for a long walk in Duthie Park, Aberdeen. I gave him an early supper, more walking and we have just got in the boat.

Ted has a nice big kennel, two beds (his pink one and a blanket too), a little food with his anti anxiety drugs and water. I am in bed in my cabin with a cup of tea.  I must admit I am very stressed. Hopefully the tea will do the trick. Still, I’ve done it! I’m nearly home.