My Day

The thing I learned today….. that the photos I took of the Aurora last night were total rubbish mostly due to the fact that I had no tripod or remote gizmo thingy (in my shed and I was not going out in my dressing gown to get them).  And holding my breath for 15 seconds with the huge camera around my neck is not as good as using a tripod.  But still, live and learn, and I have now got the tripod and remote gizmo thingy in the house set up ready to go if the Aurora ever appears again.  Apparently Sunday is hopeful.  I don’t think I could’ve made a worst job if I had tried, to be honest.  Shameful.

This morning was a full on gale complete with horizontal rain so I made a massive pot of vegetable soup to do us for next week’s lunches.

And as quickly as it arrived, the gale was gone and this afternoon was splendid.  We couldn’t ride because my horses were stuck the wrong side of a very full and flooding burn (stream).  I had to visit the Minions anyway.

All were fine.

None the worst for the morning’s inclement weather.

And yes, I had carrots about my person.

I took this photo to show just how small and teensy-tiny Newt is by comparison to Sóley.

No one must ever show Newt the photo as he thinks he is 17hh.  Oh yes, and rather an attitude on him at the moment.  Something about wanting all the carrots.

On my way home, as the sun was setting, I met a hedgepig on the side of the road.  He is a bit small for the time of year and now I am going to worry about his future.

GCHQ – Great Cat Head-Quarters

This is GCHQ.

Great Cat Head-Quarters.

A bed Monster has made under the piano, next to the bag of recycled wrapping paper/bubble wrap while behind the Minion’s things (when they are open to the public).

This is Monster’s second favourite place to sleep – BeAnne’s bed, carefully and lovingly placed next to my desk so we can be together and she can be comfortable.  Monster adores this.  His mission is to stop BeAnne from sleeping there, even if it means being near me.

But so does BeAnne. They take it in sort of turns. Life is not fair despite my best efforts and yes, I have been known to turf Monster out for BeAnne.

Third best place to sit is on Monster’s OH’s knee, and preferably while he is on his computer looking at Important Things.

And then lastly he has his Fortress of Solitude.  A small cave that is the last resort when all else fails and life won’t give a poor cat any peace and quiet.

The struggle is real. I am just not sure who is struggling sometimes.

An Appointment in Town

To town at the crack of sparrows for an NHS appointment, all well socially distanced and cared about.

I was surprisingly relaxed and, for a change, left feeling “normal” (well, as normal as I ever am about anything these days).

In a good mood, I decided to go for a wander down Commercial Street, to see how, when and if I could even contemplate doing any Christmas shopping ever in the next few months.

I am trying hard to support local shops.

I feel it is very important.

I think there is a “Neepie Lantern” competition along the Street and there are some inspired entries.

I laughed out loud, and received a few strange looks, at this one.

I even popped into the local wool shop to see how my little field was doing. It needs a refill.

And then I had a quick drool at their beautiful gloves. The trouble with potential-Christmas shopping is that I want everything for myself. Possibly not the point.

And this is my prize winning neep.  Specsavers at their best.  I hope it wins.

Home again and out for a ride while we had a break in the weather.  It all starts again tomorrow.  Rain for the rest of our lives.  Still, today was beautiful while it lasted and I’m feeling more positive about my Chrimble shopping.

A Break Through Moment

You may remember when we rescued these two thin and starving Shetland ewes off the hill (with the permission of the Grazings Clerk) who had their ear tags removed and no identity, at the end of January? – the blog post

And you remember how thin and desperate it all was?

And while Edna was friendly, Madge always kept her distance and was very wary of everyone and everything.

(seeing these photos, makes me feel sick)

Of all the sheep, Madge was, and remains, the most scatty.

Well (drum roll, please), today she let me stroke the top of her head for as long as I wanted to and took a turmeric capsule (which are tiny) from my hand to eat.

You have no idea what a big deal this is for Madge and a huge breakthrough for me.  Mentally, she is not particularly a changed sheep. Ok, perhaps in size maybe (she is mahoosive) but she suddenly calmed down.  She knows that even if she is bullied off treats, I will go and find her to give her fair share.  I look her firmly in the eye and we reach an agreement that no matter what (or who – that would be ‘Ster who can be an arse), I will get that treat to her.  She trusts me.

I am feeling very emotional *** sniff *** and when I remember in just what a sad and awful state she and Edna were in when they came to us 10 months ago. Then there is more sniffing. How our lives have changed for the better.

Edna – October 2020



Firstly, huge apologies for the quality of the photos but honestly the weather is revolting and I am not taking a good camera out in this.  It’s just not worth it.  The light was rubbish too.

Anywho, every day, out I go (or at least someone does) to check the Minions.  I would love to say they run up to me like little Black Beauties, but a vague amble or a slightly animated scuttle is all I get.

I had counted out my carrots before I went over and there was one each.  Newt would not be told and followed me around with his ears flat back demanding more.  It was not a peaceful event. I was fending off teeth and he is knee-height.

Luckily, Tiddles made it all worth it. He is always charming and gave me my daily nose-kissey.

There is grass in them there hills and this lot are just not used to having to look for it.  Tough.

I told them this and was met with baleful stares of resentment.

Having run out of carrots, I beat a hasty retreat before I was taken hostage.