Eating Grass

These three, also known as The Old Men (not that Klængur is all that old), wanted to come and eat the grass around the house.  They asked very politely.

So we let them out of their field for the daytime.  They go to their field at night so the sheep can go to their bedroom.  Yes, my sheep have a bedroom – so shoot me!

In the afternoon, I felt I was being followed.

Now, I don’t mind the odd visitor (and believe me, this lot are odd!), but I honestly draw the line at an invasion.

And stalking…

And not being allowed to come out again.

And hairy. Most definitely hairy.

But visitors are nice, especially if they just stand there wanting to be hugged.  We had a lovely “moment”, Klængur and I.

The Old Men are enjoying the grass. It does involve some poo-picking afterwards but I think their happy little faces are worth it.


Just shout and the old ladies will come running, even cantering enthusiastically in Vitamin’s case.  Fivla just trots.  She was never one for unnecessary exertion.

And they’re straight in!

Food waits for no man, or Shetland pony.


Meanwhile, Floss walks down the hill to feed The Starving (who have grass if they cared to just go and look for it – believe me I tried to show them but no, they can’t so I have given up.  Anyway, the whole point is that they lose weight and if by mooning next to the fence makes them thinner, then so be it. They made their choice).

I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty…. (repeat until I feel guilty!)


We are a house of many beds. There is no definition between cat or dog bed anymore.

This is The Fortress of Solitude, mostly inhabited by Monster but he has moved out in favour of his lovely comfortable new bed.

A beautiful wicker basket which arrived with all my “stuff” including a bright red sheepskin.

Pepper always wants everything anyone else has but she has had a recent growth spurt and so I don’t actually think she could fit in this bed. This is the face of much covetousness.

Monster loves his new bed. It’s just the right size for him.

Pepper now hates her’s.  I found her sitting on the sofa – she does a very good Resentful Face.

And, still, Monster snores on.

Today Ted favoured the one bed by the Rayburn (a poor man’s Aga). It is always warm and cosy and he was drying off after a rainy dogwalk.  No jumpers and coats for Ted in this house – the theory being he will always come home if he is wet.

I don’t actually think Monster has moved or even been outside for a few days now.  I might give him a prod (from a distance with a long stick) to see if he is still with us!

Make Way, Coming Through!

A few day’s back, it was a beautiful morning – all crisp and shiny.

When I went outside, I could only see one black horse and I wasn’t quite sure which one it was – Taktur or Dreki?

Realising it was Dreki when he crossed the burn and came up the hill, Taktur suddenly trotted past and all I could hear was trot, trot, trot and “coming through!”

Who knows where these two had slept that night.  Both were covered in earth.  Hello, revolting!

While Taktur eats his daily bucket of food, Dreki has a pile of hay to keep him amused.

He is an appreciative chap.

It really was a beautiful Shetland spring morning.

The Strike Stops

I am not feeling the love for Fivla and Vitamin. They are preventing the Minions from getting any grass.  They just want them to watch them eat and while having nothing. It is disgraceful.  There is food if the Minions care to look for it.

So today, I led Waffle, with the others following, off to find some grass.

They have been picketing for too long.  The strike had to stop.

Everyone was very pleased to move on.

Everyone, except for Albie, who just could not leave his Fivla.  His second mother.

I told him he had to.

And Albie quickly agreed and moved onwards and upwards with his friends.

So, yes, everyone was far away.

Meanwhile, Vitamin ……

…. and Fivla were furious.

They stomped up and down the fence shouting.

And, yes, they shouted all day.

And they waited……

And waited.  I know this because when I went back this evening to check with Mandy, my flute duet friend, I found Fivla and Vitamin still waiting and still shouting.

The Minions were miles away happily eating grass!