Maggie Update

Well, Maggie’s now out with the Boyzen and Girlzen-berries.

Some are nicer than others to her.

And some are utterly vile.

Yesterday was hard work.

And today, we had words about nice ‘haviour.  A certain Edna was told in no uncertain terms that she would be booted back out into the hill if she couldn’t be a bit more tolerant and a little less chasy and butty.

Lambie is intrigued.

And of course ‘Bert is still a dude (he wags his tail when if you talk to him, just like a dog!)

‘Ster is considered ok too.

Luckily Maggie is much slimmer and faster on her feet so when nastiness erupts she can easily run away.

Today has been slightly better.

Maggie is learning where the fields are and is useless at following her new flock.  I spent most of my day trying to find them to reunite them all.

Lambie likes Maggie’s bedroom.  He is such a weirdo!

So, I think she is settling in, which is good.  She’ll soon learn our ways.

A Tough Life

Ok, so a lovely wee bandana arrived this morning in the post from The Golden Paste Company (use the code LAMBIE10 for your discount) of whom Lambie is one of their highly esteemed #TeamTurmeric.  The comp-slip said the bandana was for BeAnne but, being me, I tried it on everyone else first. A rookie mistake.

Edna was not the prettiest.

Lambie was more intrigued by the envelope the bandana came in than the actual bandana – *** sigh ***.

And then I found Her Maj in the house and popped it on, having brushed her first – biggest mistake ever.

Small Wookiee (wrong side) stepping out.

Aha!  This looks hopeful.

My aim was to create “a small dog in the Shetland spring daffodils”.  The colours of the bandana and the daffs would compliment each other.

That was my Cunning Plan until I could see Her Maj was easily diverted and not being very helpful.

So you know, the girls call her a Roomba (don’t laugh) …..

….. because she potters about, no idea of where she is, but keeps going.

There were moments of going back into the house having totally not achieved my aim.

I am not convinced BeAnne is a good influencer despite the fact that Turmeric Golden Paste for Pets is given to her every day and has made a huge difference in her life.

Now, Monster…… I felt there might be some potential.

And Her UnHelpfulness went indoors.

My camera kept going.  I hate giving up.

But even I could see there was no hope.  I call this photo “Depression with a Bandana!”

And then, bingo!  Nailed it. Sorted.

If you’ve got it, you’ve got it! The life of an influencer is exhausting!

Now I wonder if we could dye Monster orange…. (asking for a friend)!

Mercy Dash

The weather forecast is horrendous.  I am not looking forward to this next onslaught.  Perhaps it will miss us (she types optimistically).

So, after chores (the girls checked and fed the Minion field), me and my van went to Lerwick to get a good pile of hay for everyone.  If it snows like it is threatening, we will need every bale.

It is lovely hay, too. Smells divine.

The back of the van was filled – 17 bales of hay plus one of straw for sheeples.

I also managed a quick nip up and down the Street.

There were some lovely shop windows in town too.

Jamieson’s was open so I popped in there to see what my Sheeple situation was like.

I have to go in on Monday (hair cut and dentist – not sure which is worse to be honest – weather permitting) so I will return with my new improved little Sheeple families.  I hope they sell.

And then quickly home to the best sight.  Maggie is now home.  Properly.  Everything has been sorted (don’t ask – long and arduous and my fault).

The luscious ‘Bert is keeping her company while she re-acclimatises.

He did volunteer, for obvious reasons!

I was out all this afternoon (vegetabling) so couldn’t supervise introductions.


This was Floss and me yesterday.

Sóley is an unhelpful and easily distracted eater – “ooh look a fly” – and she steals from Lilja. She frequently kicks over her bucket and that drives me mad.  I hate waste and so now one of us has to hold the buckets and, for that, you get feed dropped on your head. Wear a hat is all I will say.

Meanwhile, I am looking after the old ladies who are forever being hassled.  Vitamin is better at guarding her food, while Fivla can give in.

Storm thinks if he “works the room” with his undeniable charm, I will give in.

I have yet to crack.

Ditto Albie.  A lovely smile, though.

They do have food.  They have all this….

Plus this….. surely there is a blade of grass or two in here.  They haven’t touched it all winter preferring the other field next door – the gate was always open until I shut them in here.

So, today, I cracked.