Bits and Bobs

Ok, here is my Official First Sign of Spring (apart from the snowdrops, which don’t really count in my book as they were planted) – a shalder (oyster-catcher). This means we are coming out of winter and nothing can stop us.  At last!

Meanwhile, at home, Daisy was trying to take photos of Kappi’s back as she needs a new saddle.

Floss was on the front end.

Obviously there was help in the form of Idiot-Efstur.

A dear boy in his Muzzah’s (Daisy’s) eyes.

Never fear, Kappi has not been replaced . He just has to work harder if he wants to get near Daisy again.  Efstur is coming up the ranks.

Chores done and I took BeAnne for her daily walk and yes, there was company.

Does my life seem odd to you?



A difficult day

Today has not been the easiest. My back is on its way out along with our internet, I wonder if they are related.

Anywho, no photos from me but I managed to blag some off Flossie who sits on the sofa in prime position watching Monster in all his glory.


I am going to bed to lie on my bed of nails (acupressure mat).  I don’t need any of this.

Evil Newt

This time of year does not bring out the best in Newt.  He is a little demon.

He is utterly vile, despite looking enchanting as a small, if enraged, hairy yak.  To be fair, though, we have never been caught in the crossfire.  He’s not that stupid.

Today was lovely.  The calm before the storm – in so many ways. Tomorrow is a gale and rain.

Newt’s row started with Waffle and ended with Tiddles.

All Waffle wanted a quiet life and he was enjoying the rare sunshine and almost no wind.

Floss and I often remark how we wish everyone could be like Waffle – so kind and easy.

Floss and I fed those that needed their food and then we let everyone “wash up” afterwards.

It’s a Minion skill.  Please note Storm is so fat that he has a wee gutter in his back!

Albie is, after Waffle, of course another version of perfection.

I love the way he comes over to me.  Such a sweet boy.

We left everyone enjoying the lovely weather.

I dropped Floss off at home before driving onto Lerwick for some hay.

This should keep (those that need it) very happy.  It never lasts long though.



It has only taken me nearly 15 years to do this.

I bought a little hi-viz tabard for Her Maj. It arrived in the post yesterday and we put it on her immediately.

There was a bit of herrumphing but once I showed BeAnne just how much it cost and told her she looked not dissimilar to Kim Kardashian in a tankini, she soon warmed to the idea.

The New Rule – BeAnne will wear it all day especially as this time of year she is prone to buggering off when no one is looking on her endless search for bunny rabbitses.   And, as Her MaJ is the same colour as most of her surroundings, she can be very difficult to spot.

After nearly 15 years, I am bored of scattering my family to the four corners looking for a slightly moving rock or lump of mud.

And now, after 15 years, we can see where she’s buggering off to!

Meanwhile, the first snowdrops are out and I saw an oyster-catcher on my travels. Spring is considering making an appearance!  Yay.


Today we had a visitor.

Guess who wanted to pop in?  He did ask very politely.

So, of course I said he could.  OH happened to be away filling the potholes on our track.

He is a funny chap (Lambie, not OH). He hasn’t been in the house for a while though he does spend most afternoons with me in my shed.

Of course, Lambie behaved perfectly.

He has quite a thing for Daisy these days.

I remain, however, chopped liver and Muzzah if he is in trouble.

After a while, when he could see we weren’t going to give him OH’s KitKats (only on his birthday (Lambie, not OH) which will be coming up soon. I must check), Lambie decided to leave.

There was much thinking about this process.  He knows where I keep his biccies.  High up and out of reach!

And he’s back!  Lambie’s abscence was brief.

This time Daisy offered him some of her coffee and with that, I left them to it.  People to do, things to see!

It was nice having Lambie in the house.  We must send OH out more often!