Can I Share your Bucket?

If you are fat, you get nothing.  Sorry, nothing.  It is The Law.


If you whinge about it and argue, you get BeAnne on your schnozzer (and she means it).


If you are meant to have a daily feed, you get to eat it on your own.


If you are small, hairy and rather rotund, you just get grass and you can play on it or eat it…. your choice.


If you go purposefully up to the stallion to steal his food, he might have an opinion (but he probably won’t because he is the perfect gentleman).  Even so, I will come and flick your nosey and make you leave him alone.


If I am feeling nice, I might let you have a handful of food in a bucket but you are going to have to share.


If you share, you share nicely.


If you have finished the bucket with the handful of food, you can roll with your head in it.


And I might tickle your tummy while you smile sweetly to say thank you.


And just because you think you are a “mini-me” version of the stallion,


it does not automatically give you the right to ask him for his food.


Oh sorry, yes it does.


PS.  I think I know why Storm has little or no mane!  The finger points.


3 thoughts on “Can I Share your Bucket?

  1. Linda

    Oh that photo of the “roll with the bucket” really made me laugh! And you can scratch their tummies while they’re laying down – I love it!
    And yes, quite the polite and gentle stallion; what a guy!

  2. roberta

    What height are they now………………..
    Funny how all shetlands have the same traits………….be a pest , think everyone likes to share.
    One of my favourite places to visit in the day


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