Packing (again)

(Please forgive the beyond-crappy photography)

I managed to get up the very steep stairs to our bedroom to find my hospital stuff.  Not an easy task as they are the original croft-house stairs, 45˚ at least.  But I shuffled up on my bottom to be met by Wussums looking on very disapprovingly.  This is his bedroom now.


Rather than give me a nice welcome, he jumped straight out of the window into the rain.  Pfft.


So I hauled my sorry arse back to “my” room and started setting things out to pack.


I am going down to Glasgow tomorrow to The Golden Jubilee Hospital, which still sounds like a Chinese takeaway to me.  I have an orthopaedic out-patients appointment at 09.10 on Monday morning.


I can’t remember what they are planning to do next.  Hopefully they will remove this damn cast (that’s the polite version) and either put a partial-weight bearing cast on or nothing.  Who knows.  I have my swimming costume in case they are taking it off completely.


So my bag is packed and it has the statutory gaffer-tape too, like all things in our house.  I am surprised that no one has suggested gaffer-tape for my leg!


A small little person has gone into a depression already.  She will now be “odd” until I return on Tuesday.


I am allowed to take a helper with me so I had to seriously think about who to take …..


Wouldn’t that be brilliant?  Can you imagine their eyes when I go into hospital with Zoot pulling my wheelchair for me.


Actually I would use Fivla because she is used to my ridiculous ideas and I trust her 100% not to do anything nasty (or smelly).


Right, now how to get Fivla on the airplane – any ideas?


6 thoughts on “Packing (again)

  1. Nicky Callam

    Have you any news of the delicious Bozzbozz? I love following your blog but I do miss him! If I could have kept him with my arty farty dressage warmbloods I would have done so like a shot! Nicky (aka Pandora).

  2. Celeste

    It’s just too hard to have to go to hospital without any furry companions. Don’t doctors know that critters heal patients faster? Wishing you a smooth journey and a positive outcome.


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