Zoot is a PITA

PITA – Acronym for Pain In The Ass, a major annoyance!

Jo went to fetch one of the girls (we needed some photos) and everyone volunteered to help, especially Madame Zoot, Melinda’s daughter.  The minute she saw Jo in “her” field, she came cantering over because everyone knows you can’t do anything without Zoot.


You can’t tell Zoot “no, thank you. Go away”. None of those words are in her vocabulary and why should they be?  It means nothing to her.  She knows everyone thinks she is wonderful.


Zoot’s purpose on this planet, like her brothers Cookie and Bozz-Bozz, is to help, or get in the way, as much as possible.  She has this down as a well practiced fine art.


In fact, now I think about it, this theory may be the whole herd’s ethos.  FFS, how can anyone get anything done?  They would not go away and let us get on with the photography.


So there I was, on one foot, propped up by the passenger door of the car, with the world’s heaviest camera, while Jo was being followed by her little furry disciple.  It was all hopeless.

BN2A1699 BN2A1703 BN2A1711 BN2A1713 BN2A1716

I loved it when Zoot got the giggles and a little happy buck!


So, Jo lightly backed Zoot and scratched her belly, which she loved and made her elephant nosey face.


Zoot is very snoggable and very similar to her brother, Bozz-Bozz, in character.  She is definitely a people-person as his little-himself, who is being a delight in the Channel Islands.


Once a vaguely good photo was achieved, we had to go and I felt awful about leaving Zoot behind.  Surely there is room in my bedroom?  Daisy wouldn’t  mind. Look at the little face on that – deliciousness called Zoot (though, after today, she probably thinks her name is Go Away!)


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