Hospital, Home and Horses

Apologies for the lack of blog while I was away having my plastercast removed.  I am now home, plaster-free and walking about tentatively in a moonboot/crutches or trainers/walking stick combination depending on my level of bravery and analgesia.

Jo came round this morning with Hetja to continue her training in the indoor school.  She is concentrating on asking Hetja to step through with her back legs and therefore stretch that muscle too.  They are gentle suppling and balancing exercises that will help all her gaits.  As Hetja has not been ridden for a while, she needs gentle work in walk just to get all her bits and bobs supple before we ask her for anything more.


I had forgotten but we had a planned powercut going on all day so the lighting in the shed was rubbish, therefore the photos are even more rubbish.  I did my best and it was foggy outside too so not much natural light about.


The Support Team was particularly helpful too.


Long and low is the way forward.  Stretching is good for Hetja.


Hetja did very well and worked hard, trying her best without getting tense.

When she had finished, Jo led Hetja back to her trailer and Taktur ran up and down the fence trying to catch her attention.


He wanted to tell her just how gorgeous he was.


And then they left so Taktur had to go back to his new-best-friend, Kappi.


They make a lovely couple.


It is good to be home. So good and wonderful to be without my plastercast.  I had a bath last night, wrote the alphabet with my feet (physio) and it was heaven.  All heaven.

And, yes, I missed my little support team too.


7 thoughts on “Hospital, Home and Horses

  1. Cate

    Glad you’re well on the mend. The video is fascinating, but alas, I don’t know much about schooling horses like this, so maybe in a future post you could explain a little bit more about what Jo is doing (for those of us who need to keep up)? And what a precious portrait of Her Wee Maj! Bless.


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