Over-Christmassed Songs

And so to town for my absolute last (but it might not be) Christmas shop.  En route, I fed the ladies (OH kindly taking the Sandness route for me to check on Brá and Minions).

There are actually three buckets – one each but they always insist on bucket-hopping.

But as long there are no arguments and everyone shares nicely, I don’t mind.

The girls didn’t get much (don’t stick your tongue out at me, Hetja because you think you were hard done by) – just a token gesture to tell them I love them – and then I changed my wellies for my posh (just read clean, really) town shoes and went on my merry way to “buy local”.

Town was, well, not very busy though I did struggle to find a parking place.

I checked on my little flock. They were all doing fine and I noted I must make some more black curly ones.

The Christmas windows (for those that made the effort) were very good.

These knitted baubles have all been made and donated by knitters around the world – they will be auctioned online at the end of January and all proceeds of sale will go to the MRI scanner appeal. I would look at their @mrimaakers Facebook page if you want more information nearer the time of the auction.

Lerwick was, as ever, looking beautiful in the calm winter afternoon.  Light is very precious, if brief. There aren’t enough daylight hours for me in the day at the moment.

A nice time pottering around by myself but the Christmas songs were everywhere. I rocked around a Christmas tree after I had driven home for Christmas!  Agh!  Too much. It was a constant tinsel earworm.

This is my lunchtime view – not bad. Fish and chips from the Fort.

And, once done, home via the garage for some petrol.  I love this!  Very Shetland.

4 thoughts on “Over-Christmassed Songs

  1. Sam

    Some friends and I have a contest- pick the holiday song you hate the most and the person who goes the longest into December without hearing it, wins. Love your tractor shot.

  2. Gail Lawson

    Thank you for your pictures, comments, and worries and joys with the kids! I love your island and look to a visit in the coming year.


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