Waffling About Waffle

I don’t waffle on nearly enough about Waffle.  Out of them all, Waffle is my sensible little chap who I can rely on in any crisis.

He has always had a very grown-up (and beautiful) head on his shoulders.

When the first three arrived as depressed starved foals (Storm, Silver and Waffle) all those years ago (back in January 2014), it was Waffle who was easy to catch and work with so the other two followed his lead. He made life much easier and in turn taught the other two how to behave and trust me.

Now five years on, everyone is doing well.  The only permanent damage, apart from obvious lack of height, is that Waffle’s the type of chap who puts on weight by just looking at food (a bit like me then). As a weaned foal, his metabolism had been forced to get the most out of every calorie.  So he looks like a bit of a table now despite my best efforts.

Today Storm was being annoying.  He had that look about him.  You can see it.  Pure wicked.

So Waffle told him.

But Storm was not giving up.  It is not his nature.

And Storm probably thinks it is his job – Chief Annoyer to Waffle.

(Storm has very short legs – just sayin’)

6 thoughts on “Waffling About Waffle

  1. Sam

    Even sensible chaps need mothering every now and then. As for Storm, my gran would say he has “the wind in his tail, watch out!” And I also understand Waffle’s love affair with food…

  2. Cathy

    I can’t believe it’s five years! What a long way those little boys have come from the poor half starved ponies you rescued. Tell Storm he should be grateful and try to be less annoying. I seem to remember he was the one you worried might not make it because he was so poor.

    You have done a wonderful job with them, not just physically, but letting them develop their own individual characters.

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes. Especially Waffle. He should be taller but decided to compensate by being wider. The other two are not so stunted.


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