A Bright Thing in the Sky

There was this bright thing shining up in the sky this morning.  Very strange but I made the most of it and went out to take photos of my old men (and Her Maj)  in their field.

Klængur has joined them as I think he missed “grown-up” conversation.  I led him over with a haynet around his neck as I forgot to bring a headcollar!

This morning also saw Haakon cantering towards me (and perhaps my bucket of food).  It is something I haven’t seen for a few years now. The last 5 years immediately vanished and Haakon was all enthusiastic and happy.  I could’ve cried with happiness.

In his bucket he has daily roughage/fibre with TurmerAid and Devil’s Claw, mixed in, which seem so have really helped his stiffness and general “old age” attitude.

I am so pleased. It is lovely to see. Long may it last.

Meanwhile, Iacs was thrilled to have a new person to share his hay with.

Iacs has always been very sociable and this enforced confinement with Haakon has its limits.

So now the three boys are together.

We will see how they all get on together.

And then later Klængur and we went for a lovely ride together.  My new riding companion laughs when Klængur spooks, which makes me laugh and that has done a whole lot of good as we bomb up the road.  I am less nervous and we are both much more relaxed.

So all is good.

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