The day started ominously – I took this photo when I was coming back in from feeding Haakon his breakfast.  It did not bode well.

But brighten up, it did so I took myself and my camera out into the garden to see what was putting in appearance.

I felt encouraged.  Monster arrived to “help” or show me around his realm.  He is a very handsome lad.  We decided he is even more beautiful in real life.  He takes a bad photo.  I can’t capture his character or expression which is strange as he is always communicating.

As it had turned into such a nice day, Daisy very kindly offered me Iacs while she rode Taktur and we went out for ride.  We set off in the dry (see the dry road) and came home soaked, frozen and miserable.  We had been sleeted on. I think my ears actually froze.

But it was fun to get out and Iacs was a gentleman while I was his passenger. He tacked across the road, managed to get in a few sneaky canters and it felt strange sort of seeing Haakon in front of me, but knowing it wasn’t.  I am always like that when I ride Iacs. He is so similar to Haakon to look at and then very obviously isn’t.

So we got home, put the horses away with more food, changed and had a hot chocolate to warm up.

7 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Terri

    How wonderful to see Spring springing! Monster is a handsome lad in your photos, so it’s hard to believe he is even more beautiful in real life. Too bad about the sleet during your ride. Spring can be fickle.

  2. Carol Espinosa

    Lovely to see you out on a ride, even in very fickle weather. Thank you for the lovely photos of spring buds and blooms!

  3. darby callahan

    I am glad the day did not turn out badly as might have been predicted. Monster is indeed a beautiful cat. Lovely to see the signs of Spring, around here it still feels and looks very much like Winter, but hoping that changes soon.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh how nice that you and Daisy got out for a good ride. And I love your pictures of the flowers and the Monster!!! So beautiful. WE are so many months still away from any flowers. Our snow piles are higher than the houses right now. I hate to think of all the flooding come spring. If Spring ever comes. Anyway it sure is fun to look at your blog and your beautiful pics. Thanks for cheering me up. Sorry you got soaked on your ride, though.


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