Abscess – Huzzah!

Last night, while putting Haakon to bed (new haynet, clean water, a quick muck out of dirty bedding and his kiss nunight), my waters churned so I ran my hand down his right front leg et voilà, a very nasty pungent smell!  An abscess had burst open on the coronet band of his hoof. He was much happier, though.

This morning, feeling ready to do battle, I boiled up many kettles and stuck Haakon’s hoof in a bucket of as-hot-as-he-could-bear-it water and Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate).

Iacs was in attendance to generally get in the way and annoy.

After a good long soak, I sprayed an antibiotic (turquoise) spray onto the offending area feeling very happy that, at long last, we had found a reason for the lameness.

So I have a much happier horse today.

And a much happier me, to boot.

Now for the regular soaking and spraying and hopefully Haakon will come right.  It is a little early but I am feeling much relieved.  My old boy and I can go on forever.

As for my crafting life, I have been working hard on my film (to be continued….. ) and needle-felting in the long dark hours.

The blue (type) bird is sweet if stern.
The penguin started life as a robin but was the wrong shape and was quickly made into a penguin.
The robin looks very fierce – a bit military.

The sheep, however, are finding their own unique look.

The one on the right is my first sheep – made under expert tuition.
The other one, with the ringlets, is all my own.  There was a moment in his creation when it was touch and go as to whether he would actually be a polar bear.  He also has ears like Dobby, the house elf.

So, onwards!

18 thoughts on “Abscess – Huzzah!

  1. Sam

    While I would not normally cheer on an abscess – I will this time. Hurrah!
    I do love your felted critters. I tried a Toad Stool Gnome home – got a tipsy, can’t stand up fungi instead.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    That is wonderful news Frances. An abcess is horrid but temporary and so glad he os much happoer!

  3. Lisa

    Oh…the dreaded abscess. I have been through 3 of them with my oldest horse (now 18). It is SUCH a relief when they break the surface….but the smelll……oooooooo boy……nothing else like it!! Glad he is feeling better-and you, as well! : )

  4. kathleen woolley

    Hi. Francis, Same thing happened to my 26 year old Icelandic Glaesir.
    Vet diagnosed himself as having laminitis ( shall we put him down. NO !!!! )
    Got him up , put him on restricted grazing, etc. She put him on bute which helped. My daughters patterdale, Dylan, ( by the way B.Ann’s double) kept going and smelling his foot and being told off. When I looked I found a burst abcess. Poor boy I really should have had a better look. I somehow knew he did not have laminitis but with feathers on his feet it was difficult to see.
    I do feel vets become neurotic about laminitis. So glad his now happier and pain free. Good Luck. X

  5. Dee

    A quittor ! They can be quite horrid ! A mare at the Mews had one; when you lifted her foot you could see the hole from the sole straight up through the coronet band. Fascinatingly yucky…She came right in the end and ended up hunting with Amanda’s sister…

  6. Linds K

    So relieved for Haakon, and for you.

    I love your felt creations, they’re so full of character, and who says they need to be perfect – they’re unique!

  7. Terri

    Who knew an abscess could be so exciting? Whew! Darling, adorable felted critters — you’re doing great! Each has its own personality— and can morph into another species or variety during creation, haha.

  8. Linda Loba

    That’s a good horse-mama; sniffing out something wrong like that, and knowing just what to do.
    Your photo actually looked to me like Iacs was trying to give Haakon a little support there…
    Needle-felting: your robin is perfect; they always look stern and a little put out, to me. And I LOVE the sheep! Your latest looks like rather a flirty little sheep… 😉

  9. Sherry Walter

    Wonderful that Haakon has gotten some relief! After a bout of laminitis (blessedly caught early) my mare had several abscesses during her recovery, I had to put boots on her for that first year to pad her soles.

  10. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Your news made my day. With your nursing care he will soon be right. YEAH. AND yep them thar abcesses ooo what a smell. BUT in this case a good smell ( the offending secreted abcess is now out in the open).
    The felt critters have lots of character. Like my watercolor teacher says if you want it to look like a picture, then take a photograph!! if you want the critters to look like something without personality then they can be mass produced with no soul.

  11. diane in northern wis

    What an upbeat post today Frances. I hope and pray that that abscess is the cause of so much pain for your boy! Love your birds and especially your darling sheep. Can’t wait to see them in live theatre! Praying things continue to go well for you and yours!

  12. Louise Stopford

    Oh I do hope this will mean Haakon will now be on the mend. Now you know exactly what the problem is you can do ‘battle’ and know what you are dealing with. I swear by Epsom Salts and use them whenever my chickens are off colour – think it works wonders. Onwards and upwards. Love your little felt creatures.


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