A Minion Break

My turn for the Minions today.  Never a chore, always a pleasure.

I had a bag of carrots with me and I used it to lure them away from the dividing fence and into the hill where the grass grows.

Waffle was very keen.

Silver was interested.

And Storm?  Well, in fact, I could feel his little nosey on my hand while I walked (or it could be teefs!)

I ❤️ my little Shetland pony herd.

They give me strength.

And I need them.

Anyway, Newt and his Nuncle Storm were having a little chat.

I guess Newt said something rude like “you smell” so Storm stuck his tongue out.

And then Storm tore him off a strip!  Another one for Newt’s (now published in two volumes) Big Book of Revenge.

I walked and they followed with the odd snack stop, even though I had long since fairly distributed my carrots.

I hopped over a prehistoric wall and the herd duly followed.

And then, suddenly, with the wind in their tails, they all galloped off leaving me thinking “why do I bother?”

And they were gone.

I walked back to the car and when I looked back, I could see two little Minions watching me from a distance at the top of the hill.

They do me good. I need my Minions.



6 thoughts on “A Minion Break

  1. Terri

    I too want a Minion Break. Best thing in the world!
    I wonder about the people who erected the prehistoric wall, and whether sheeple and ponies lived there. A/an (depending on where one lives) historical novel by someone who lives on and loves the land would be nice. Just sayin’.

  2. Kathleen Woolley

    Got my name down for Newts Book of Revenge- both volumes. I’m sure they would be best sellers. He really is a yummy and he and Storm made me laugh. Such expressions on their faces ! You are so lucky !


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