Our Traditional Christmas Day

 It’s been a lovely and calm family Christmas Day here at Thordale. 

We’ve stuck with most of our usual traditions, except we didn’t have one of Floss’ amazing baking Yule Log creations, opting for a store-bought cake instead, as Floss was working right up until the last minute. Poor thing.

But chocolate is chocolate in my book.  All delicious.  We’re not complaining.

This  morning, having prepared all the food yesterday, I suddenly remembered the (f)artichokes. OH and I quickly dug them up and it was a good harvest, which makes a change from last year when I replanted the lot in a rage because they were too small to eat.  Again, delicious and a huge treat.

We had our huge meal at lunchtime and, while everyone else was clearing up, I walked around the croft feeding duckies, hens and horses.

And now we’re all relaxing in front of the telly and it has been a lovely peaceful family day.
Merry Christmas xx

3 thoughts on “Our Traditional Christmas Day

  1. Julia

    Merry Christmas Thordale family!! God jul (Sweden) & Gledelig jul (Norway)!
    Carol & Julia, devoted minion fans in California 🙂


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