18 thoughts on “This or This?

  1. Diane Head

    Thank you very much for your year of wonderful blogs. Monster is very photogenic! His blue eyes make him look angelic. I look forward to another year of Minion and dog stories, sheep tales and of course hearing about the Icelandics. You are so remote from my life by the beach at Waikanae, NZ.

  2. Carol Wood

    He looks gorgeous in both – I can see your dilemma in choosing!! A very Happy Christmas to you all!! Best wishes for 2024 from myself and Thordale Apollo!!

  3. Cathy

    Merry Christmas from my place east of Melbourne within cooee of The Dandenongs (where it’s raining this Christmas morning).

    Well I’ll help you out by saying No.1 is a chocolate box photo – No 2 is for the family album. Both lovely to look at!

  4. Elva

    Merry Christmas to Monster and his entire family! I like the second picture best, but all pictures of Monster are good pictures!

  5. Colleen McNamara

    Love them both. As has been said #1 is angelic, #2 looks like a comfortable cat. Extra pets and goodies for Monster for posing .
    Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and a wonderful 2024.
    We had 24 hrs of pouring rain, but in the desert with our drought we don’t pass up any Moisture.
    Tonight we just got in from putting out our Luminarios. (Paper sacks with sand and a single candle.)
    It gives off a special light.
    Warmest wishes to all feathered, furred, wooly etc.

  6. Robyn Whigham

    Happy Christmas Frances and all at Thordale.

    Thank you for another year of your wonderful blog which entertains, educates and brings us such joy. We always look to see what you and your furry friends are up to. You are a treasure and we hope you will keep blogging for a long time.

    God bless all of you and watch over you.

    Much love from Robyn and David in Sydney xx

  7. Sharon

    Monster is looking like a model cat gazing at the wonderment of the seasonal decorations in the first photo. However we all know him, thanks to you, and I’d say he’s just biding his time and assessing the territory. In the second photo, he is looking like the intelligent Monster we know and love, and he is planning something which he will find entertaining.

    Merry Christmas to all of you, including all the critters!

  8. Kris

    Coming here is like Christmas every day. Thank you for bringing a lot of love to your furry and feathered family and sharing it with us. Bless you all.


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