Our Boxing Day Hunt

Today in Britain, it used to be the tradition to go hunting – known as the Boxing Day Hunt.

So this morning, the girls and I went on our own hunt…..

…. for Maggie, who hadn’t come home last night (and, yes, I worried).

We all walked the big field looking for her.

After breakfast, I had sent the other sheep on ahead to look for Maggie.

And then Richard told us he had seen her on his dog-walk.

I knew exactly where Maggie would be – at the back of the field.

We took Maggie her breakfast, as she had missed it earlier.

The hill rams were put out a few weeks’ back so I know why Maggie stayed out last night – the hussy.

The hill rams linger around my fences looking for the girls.  My three (Edna, Madge and Maggie) are considered fair game but, to date, there have been no pregnancies through the wire fence, even though I am told it could be a definite possibility.  And, to be honest, this spring I wouldn’t be upset to see little lambs.

But I expect these guys put everyone off!

So Maggie was pleased to see us, ate her breakfast and they all stayed there while we turned to walk for home.

When it was nearly dark, I went back and opened the gate to call everyone home for the night.

I was very pleased to see that Maggie had properly rejoined her flock again and she wanted to come home.

I will sleep tonight.

7 thoughts on “Our Boxing Day Hunt

  1. Sharon

    I’d have been awake and worried all night too. I’m so glad Maggie was found and that she rejoined the flock and came home. Although I wonder if this means the ‘deed’ was done and she’s no longer interested in the hill rams? I know nothing about the habits of sheep, so this might be a very silly question! I love that photo of Lambie and ‘Ster as the guardians who will rebuff the hill rams!


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