Our Shetland Summer

There is nothing nicer than a walk in the Shetland evening sunshine.

I try to go most evenings 1) because it is magical…. and 2) apparently it is good for me!

Today, Floss and I moved the Minions down to the lower field.  Apparently, I am told, the lime boat is arriving this weekend and we will have a 15 tonne delivery for their fields.  The ponies were moved and instructions have been left as to where the lime should be dumped and then spread.  It will hopefully kill-off the moss and let the grass grow through better.

Anywho, everyone thought the bottom field was fabulous. Full of long grass.

To start with, they went rushing about.

The grass was even higher than Newt’s knees!

Tiddles and old ladies, of course, were just “heads-down and eat”!

There was more enthusiastic rushing.  I think Newt is actually swimming through the grass!

I hope the lime makes a difference. It has been on my list for ages.

3 thoughts on “Our Shetland Summer

  1. diane in northern wis

    Love that video and all the pics of your critters running and cavorting with glee! What a fun field change!

  2. Dot

    Lovely to see the video of happy Minions! Your photos are great too, especially Newt “swimming” in the long grass.


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