Running for their Buckets!

First up was Vitamin. Every morning, she keeps an ear and eye out for me and my buckets.  I think cantering up is the only exercise she actually gets.  Still, she is very enthusiastic and that is good to see.

Fivla prefers a more sedate approach, confident in the knowledge that I won’t give her bucket to anyone else. I wouldn’t dare!

I put Vitamin’s bucket in a little fenced off bit so she can eat at her own speed, at a relaxed pace and without the threat of her bucket being stolen.

Storm, I said “without the threat of her bucket being stolen.”  He wouldn’t dare. He is not that stupid. Optimistic, yes, but not stupid.

Dear old Vitamin.  It is only recently that I can see that she is looking her age.

But there’s not much I can do for her apart from giving her a regular meal, swoosh her teeth (so no debris lingers) and observe her actual quality of life.

We had a quiet chat about this and she is still happy.

Vitamin would be the first to tell me when she’d had enough. I know that.

Meanwhile, Waffle was feeling the heat horribly.  He eventually came over huffing and puffing and complaining bitterly about the “hot” Shetland summer.  So I got one of the now-empty feed buckets and drenched him in the cold stream water.

He loved that!

It made a huge difference and he was much happier.

The others entertained themselves.

Newt tried to squish the two beautiful orchids I was trying to photogragh.

And then he had a discussion with the bucket.

Life is seldom dull with the Minions.

2 thoughts on “Running for their Buckets!

  1. Sams

    Love how, no matter the age, a hungry pony will come at full speed for a bucket of yummy.
    I have to feel for Waffle in his black coat and heat. As for Newt and the need to defeat the bucket – carry on. And as for Storm The Ever Hopeful for a Bucket of His Own – keep the faith.
    But there is no need to stomp on a lovely orchid!


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