Getting Ready

Well, I told the little ones that I wouldn’t be around for almost two weeks and Daisy will be in charge.  Albie wanted to be packed in my suitcase.

As did Newt.  I told them sadly no, and I doubt my Mother would mind.  Her beautiful garden might, though!

They went through all my belongings – Fivla’s eye cleaning stuff, the teeth swoosher, the bucket of water for the swooshing.

I call this photo “My Little Hippo” rather than My Little Pony!

The flowers are stupendous in this field.  Fivla looked beautiful in them.  She has *** cough *** put on her summer weight!

And Vitamin is a much better shape, which is encouraging.  We will fatten her up ready for another Shetland winter.

I am so pleased I moved them all yesterday, because the lime arrived possibly in afternoon (it just appeared out of nowhere!) and already the bunny rabbitses have made it their home.

This afternoon, watching Star Trek Voyager, I tackled my ironing mountain this afternoon so I can pretend that we are always clean and tidy.  Then I try to pack what I actually need, will wear and use.  I don’t find any of this easy.

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