Our Perfect Ride

We got tacked up and got ready.  I heaved myself onboard in a dignified fashion.

We went out.  It was a lovely day.

We saw a little lambie (no, absolutely no – step away from the lambie and stop making Lambie-Muzzah noises is what both my daughters were saying under their breaths).

En route we collected Bjørn who has a mare staying training.

More little lambs.  This time of year, they are everywhere.

Floss and I bombed up the hill in a controlled way.

We waited for the others who taking it gently.

Haakon was allowed to introduce himself to the Pretty Lady.

Then we all enthusiastically tölted home, except for Mr Bimble (Daisy’s noble steed) who doesn’t do that sort of thing.  He trots.

We dropped Bjørn and his mare off at their croft and then continued on home at a fair pace.

I let the youngsters go on ahead.

I was now walking because I had opened/closed the cattle grid gate.

I loosened Haakon’s girth and let him make his own way home.

He left me behind as he took himself home.  I walk slower than him.

I found Haakon eating grass, waiting patiently for me to arrive.

It don’t get no better than riding on a sunny day in Shetland on Icelandic horses.

3 thoughts on “Our Perfect Ride

  1. Nancy

    What a lovely day! And it must be fun to go out as a group!
    Haakon is so smart! He knows his way home…wow!

  2. Sam

    As a daughter whose mother was an activist, i can totally sympathize with daughters muttering “don’t do it, mom, DON’T.” They love you but sometimes may not want to share you. But lambs are adorable….


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