Down by the Stream

We have had two fabulous sunny days this weekend so after some serious cleaning chores, Daisy and I went down to the burn for peace and quiet.

Of course we were followed.

BeAnne took herself swimming.

A keen otter.  She always has been and needs no encouragement.

Monster was happy to explore.

Here is photographic evidence that these two are getting along fine now.

Monster is a very happy cat.  He loves his environment and is totally settled. I have no worries that he will leave.

After a few hours, we wended our way home back up the hill with our companions.

Today’s afternoon sit by the stream had a slight variation in faithful retainers.

It was much warmer in the sun so we dunked our feet in the stream to keep cool.  After a while, the stream felt like warm water but it did help.  I hate over-heating.

BeAnne had gone off on some private enterprise so we just had Monster and Lambie for company.

Monster played with the frogs which made us laugh.

Lambie, who was also getting very hot under his wool, was eating primroses at me.  I was not impressed.

I would much rather he ate the marsh-marigolds that are everywhere.

Can you spot the sheep?  Poor Monster, he sticks out like a sore thumb wherever he goes and he follows us everywhere all day, even offering to get in the car and come too.  I do not encourage this.

It has been a wonderful two days – such luxury for us to have warm weather.

10 thoughts on “Down by the Stream

  1. Linda

    More happiness here, seeing BeAnn back to her old self.
    Loving to see Monster be such a “dog-cat” the way he follows you around (even for car rides!)

    Happy, happy, Joy, joy!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    How lovely! Pleased you’ve had some nice warm days to be able to enjoy the outdoors. Monster is awesome!

  3. Weavenut

    Care with monsters ears, being a white cat he is more susceptible to burn, then the dreaded sun induced skin cancer, he may need sun cream in the long sunny days on his ears, ask the vet for a suitable type.

  4. Carol E

    A lot of your animals think they are dogs when they aren’t…it’s lovely seeing Monster integrate so well. I’m glad he and BeAnn are comfy with each other. Maybe he will follow her example and take to swimming?

  5. Louise Stopford

    Sounds like you have had the perfect weekend. Lovely photo’s and glad you have eventually had some sunshine. Monster must be in his element with you and with all that exploring to do. Lovely that he and BeAnne are getting along – I love it when animals “get it”. Enjoy the sunshine, I hope there is more to come.

  6. Nancy

    Lovely weather! I love taking a nap outside in perfect spring weather!
    I thought you were going to change Monster’s name…???


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