Brushing out Winter

Some of the Shetland ponies have not lost their woolly winter coats and so, armed with a box of various types of brushes and two headcollars, Flossie and I went over to the Minions’ field to do battle.

First up was Newt.  He has a thick coat of almost foal-like quality that has no intention of shedding whereas someone like Storm needs no brushing at all.

The box of brushes was entertainment in itself.

There was also mutual grooming.

And chatting.

We didn’t completely strip Newt – we just took off his outer coat so that he could be a bit cooler and hopefully nature will take the rest when it is ready to fall off.

Albie and Newt didn’t want to go away.  They loved the attention.

That box of brushes was very popular with everybody.

Albie was happily throwing them about.

We gave all the boys a swift coat strip using BeAnne’s Mars Coat King and a Furminator I had bought for Little Cattie, but never had the heart to send back after her disappearance.  It was actually quite effective. I might have to buy a proper pony-sized one now.

Last up was Tiddles who, like Newt, was very hairy and uncomfortable with it.  He has been avoiding me these past few days.

He stood for ages while we tidied him up and was much happier with life once we had finished.

Afterwards Floss fairly distributed carrots and we tidied the fur up from out of their field.  My back is complaining bitterly now but it was worth it.  Everyone is beautiful and ready for summer.

7 thoughts on “Brushing out Winter

  1. Sam

    I did the same to the Maine Coons this weekend. Had 2 “instant cat” kits when done. Love how the brushes were tossed about. But the boys, Newt and Tiddles especially, look much happier.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Any nesting birds would have a field day with all that hair! My little Shetland has lost most of his inter coat now but is still getting sweaty on warm days. I’m wondering about clipping him but worried it might affect his next winter coat. From your experience, Frances, would it?

      1. Judith Garbutt

        Thank you. It’s gone a little chillier for the last two days so he can keep his lovely coat for a bit longer!

  3. Sherry Walter

    Don’t know how my mini donk, Winston would survive the summer without the Furminator. His winter hair just does not want to go!

  4. Nancy

    How do you tidy up all that hair?! From a field?!
    I thought maybe you just let the birds and other animals have it, but I guess not. Ha ha!


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