Our Flustice

Here, at Thordale, there is a moral concept called “Flustice”.

The dictionary definition of “Flustice”, if there was such a word, would befairness at all times by Flossie”.

Which in simple English means everyone gets their piece of carrot.

No one is missed out.

And Floss will even go the extra mile too.  Yesterday, Vitamin was quite away from the main herd.

So Floss legged it over the hill to find her.

I honestly think Floss wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if she knew Vitamin, or any other pony, hadn’t had their carrot.

(I love Vitamin’s face!)

And I also love how Tiddles wants another carrot and was prepared to lie through his teeth that he had been given nothing earlier.  Sadly for him there is photographic evidence!.

Floss gave him a kiss instead!

So that is what flustice is.  The fair and equitable distribution of things carrotty to small Shetland ponies (plus any other equine or ovine who happens to be in the area and on the scrounge!)

3 thoughts on “Our Flustice

  1. Sam

    Flustice is a great term! I must use it! Grew up with fair and share among 4 girls. Not always fun to do but it works. Love Tiddle’s kiss!


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