A Few Shetland Pony Snaps

A few snappity-snaps from today.  We could not find the little s*ds. I eventually saw them in the far distance – they had finally walked up to the top of the hill of their ginormous field and were enjoying a lovely view plus more grass.

Fivla and Vitamin doing their Abba impression – Knowing me, knowing you!

Silver and Newt trying out their’s.

Little Albert Potato smiling for the camera! Such a sweet smile too.

The enigmatic Newt (another gastro-pub somewhere within the M25).

Storm.  Nuff said.

Silver being nice to Storm.

Silver’s true intentions coming out.

Silver trying – as in very trying (which is strange, as it is usually Storm!)

My pretty little Albie again

Tiddles!  Darling Tiddles.  Never shoot a pony because he has blue eye.  You wouldn’t have Tiddles then.

Newt – “Remember my Book of Revenge? I am on Volume XII now!”

And lastly Fivla looking so utterly perfect.

Waffle was not included due to the fact he was trying to Star Trek transport himself into the car!

Interesting Fact:  Today is Silver, Storm and Waffle’s coming-to-me birthday.  They arrived exactly today in 2014 (I count it as the day after the Lerwick Up Helly Aa as it is a National Holiday here) – so 6 years ago, by my calculations.  Time flies when you are having fun!  I am glad they are doing so well now.

Silver, Waffle and Storm. The fourth pony (far left) never came to me. He died.

7 thoughts on “A Few Shetland Pony Snaps

  1. Sam

    I remember when these 3 came to your loving home. How we all prayed they’d survive. Well they are certainly thriving with you. As are The Most Famous Author of Revenge, Tiddles and Albie. The ladies are looking wonderful. Such yummy photos.

  2. Louise

    I remember it well and have read your blog ever since. Those Bebbies as you used to call them were so lucky to find you xx

  3. Sumiko Keay

    I can’t believe it’s been six years!!! You’ve given these boules such a lovely life & it’s been so much fun watching them bloom,


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