Orchids and Ponies

Wherever I go in the Minion field, I have a determined follower who wants Sudocrem on his nosey just in case it gets slightly sunburned.

I usually put a dab on as Albie is very insistent. 

The rest (Storm and Tiddles) have to wear a headcollar and put in a half-Nelson before I can get near them with the cream.

Two fields down live Brá and Hetja, my Icelandic horse mares.

Last week Hetja’s nosey got sunburned and I am dressing it daily with the cream so it is healing up nicely.

She hates it but I insist and, with the help of a carrot, I can plaster her nose.

The mares are both looking good now and Brá has put her weight back on.  I am relieved.  It was my fault she got so skinny – Dreki needed to be weaned sooner.

The orchids are appearing in the fields.   They are very special and I love seeing them in all their different colour varieties.


And on the way home….. a “swimming” hill sheep gorging on the bogbean growing in the loch.

Most days, I see Foula.   We have been having some superb weather recently.  It is due to rain this week.  To be honest, we could do with a downpour – the ground is very dry and I need the grass to grow.


9 thoughts on “Orchids and Ponies

  1. Rebecca Final

    Oh!! the orchids are breathtaking. To have them just pop out of the ground in your pasture would be heaven.

  2. Sam

    Sweet Albie just needs a wee bit more Mum love. Your orchids are lovely. Here in New England, it has finally gotten warm enough for the roses to start blooming.

  3. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Wild orchids blooming in your fields are there to tell you that you are doing all of your animals a “bang up” job. They are so blessed to have you in their lives. The orchids are proof!!

  4. Carol E

    You are the bestest mummies to them all. Little Alvie is so darling in that photo, and Hetja’s poor pink nosie appreciates you even if the rest of her head thinks not.

    I have never seen a swimming sheep. It seems like a risky behavior — wool is so heavy when wet. Bog bean must be tasty.

    Best wishes for the trip south!

  5. Louise Stopford

    Glad you are treating all those delicate sun burnt noses – whether they like it or not. Photo’s of the Orchids are wonderful. I don’t think I have ever seen an Orchid growing in the wild like that. Shetland certainly has some truly amazing gems. I would be panicking about the “swimming” sheep – but he must know what he is doing. I loved the last photo – your scenery is spectacular – what a place to live!!!!

  6. Linda

    I would think the cream would feel good, especially on those sun burnt noses!

    Beautiful photos, and those orchids!!!

    Do you suppose the “swimming” sheep is not only getting goodies to eat, but cooling off at the same time?


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