Goodnight Puzzah

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what I did wrong. I would turn back time and learn from my mistakes if I could.

This morning I found Puzzah dead in his field.

The other three appear all fine.  Lambie seems a bit subdued but that could be me watching everyone like a hawk.

I have spoken to a Shetland sheep expert and talked through a few theories.  We are none the wiser.

I checked them all last thing last night and they were all 100% fine, eating and happy.

It is a huge shock to us all.

I pray it was a one-off.

Rest in Peace Puzzah.   You were an awesome dude. You will be missed.  Again, I feel robbed.

28 thoughts on “Goodnight Puzzah

  1. Liz

    I am So very sorry to read this, shocked too, just when you had them all sheared and all, last thing one would expect in the month of June, so very sad for ye, once more….

  2. Michelle McMillen

    Oh Frances, what a horrible shock! He had an amazing turn of fortune when you adopted him; some precious time of being a cherished, spoiled Boysenberry. Surely he died with a smile on his lips, remembering that.

  3. Celeste Nossiter

    Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this. What a shock! And to have no idea is so incredibly hard. All I can say is that somehow it was his time to go. I’m sure there’s nothing you could have done about it. My deepest sympathies to you for your loss.

  4. Terri

    I’m so, so sorry. Poor Puzzah — but he was loved and enjoyed a wonderful life as one of the Boyzenberries. That last photo with his son says it all. ** sniff**

  5. Cathy

    What a shock. Poor Puzzah, such a beautiful boy and oh, those wonderful horns. So sorry for you all, and especially Lambie.

  6. Judith Garbutt

    So shocked and sorry for you, Frances. You’ve had more than your fair share of tragedies recently. He was a lucky sheep to have had some happy months in your care. I’ll miss seeing his handsome face.

  7. diane in northern wis

    Oh Frances….how awful. What a shock for you and for all of us. Was he quite old? Did he seem more adversely affected by the shearing than the others? You said everybody was doing fine and eating well last night…..I wonder if he ended up having a heart attack. I’m sure you’ve thought through every possibility. I’m so sorry to hear about it and so sorry you have lost another of your furry friends. Sending peace to you and your family, through it all.

  8. Nancy

    I am so sorry to hear about Puzzah!
    I’m sure it wasn’t your fault! You gave him the best life a sheeple could ask for.

  9. Darby

    I am so sorry about Puzzah. how awful for this to happen so suddenly . I know how much you loved and cared for him.

  10. Kris

    Oh no, not Puzzah. Somehow I always connected with his face and eyes especially . He seemed to be such a mellow and handsome guy .

  11. Katie

    While much of the time our four footed family members bring us such joy, it is times like these that they bring heartbreak. My thoughts are with you and your sheeples (and all the rest of the family!).

  12. Dee

    I’m…I’m….well,…..shocked. What could have happened ? Can sheep die from delayed shock from being shorn ? I’ve never heard of such a thing. So so sorry….poor Puzzah ! Hugs to you all….

  13. Louise Stopford

    I have no words really – I echo everyone else’s sentiments. So sorry for you and your family and Lambie. Thank goodness he came to you to enjoy some happy times with your family.

  14. Carol E

    Oh Frances, I’m so sorry for you. You don’t deserve to be having so much animal trouble. I know you are prepping for a big trip south and I hope that focus will help you with the shock.

    Puzzah was a dear. You saved him from a life that wasn’t very healthy and he had a lovely time with you. I’m sure many of your readers have been delighted with his lovely eyes, his fabulous horns, and his warm smile. He’ll live on in our hearts. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  15. Sam

    So very sorry to hear this news. Puzzah was loved dearly by you and thus by the rest of us in blogland.
    Thank you for sharing him with with us. He will be missed.


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