On the boat

The weather is turning, the forecast is very bad, so panicking, we packed our bags, loaded the van and are leaving Shetland on tonight’s boat rather than tomorrow’s as there was no guarantee the captain would take livestock based on tomorrow’s forecast.

Northlink have been brilliant. Having first said there was no room, they managed to find us a cabin and space for the van so huge relief all round.

We are taking Kappi and Waffle and are off to West Linton, just outside Edinburgh for the Icelandic Horse of Great Britain Championships.  Daisy is riding while Floss and I are probably getting in the way!

Wish us luck.

(in the bar!)

10 thoughts on “On the boat

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Best of luck (and keeping out of the way, which you’ll not be in, I know) to Daisy and the rest. A long, arduous trip, but fun nonetheless!

  2. Sam

    Good luck and safe travels! Glad Northlink was able to get all of you on the ferry. Might hint at how your blog fans will need to take the ferry to come visit.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Hope you have a smooth crossing and an easy drive south. Good luck, Daisy. I’ll look forward to the reports and pictures.

  4. Terri

    Lucky break to find passage on the ferry before Mother Nature does her thing. Best of luck to all of you, but especially to Daisy and Kappi! (What a little trooper Waffle is — a source of moral support to his friend.) Safe travels, and have a good time!

  5. Nancy

    Safe travels and lots of luck in the competition!
    Nice that they have a bar in the ferry! You deserve a drink after all the rushing around to get on the ferry last minute…cheers!

  6. Louise Stopford

    Lots of luck Daisy and Kappi – Hope you all have a wonderful time and that the crossing is not too bad for you all. I am sure you and Floss will provide all the moral support and hands on help, therefore it will be a team effort. Looking forward to finding out how you go on – exciting times!!


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