One Daughter Home

Daisy is home from university (St Snotwort’s) for the summer holidays – yay!

Taktur, her stallion, was very pleased to her. We have agreed to share him between us.  I get his bottom and his left nostril and ear to kiss.  Daisy gets the rest.  That is a fair deal, I think.


BeAnne rode her horse for her.


Taktur and I had our regular work-out with our dynamic speed-walk to create some muscle.  It is all about stretching and speed.


BeAnne ZZZZZzzzzzz ed …… as did Iacs.


Then Daisy rode her Iacs.


He was so happy. and attempted his new-found tölt (though minimal) for her.  It will need work but she is up for the challenge.


Then I rode Haakon and Daisy took photos of us.  I seem to have “bitchy resting face” while Haakon is doing his very best. Ok, ok, we are never going to set the world on fire with our tölt but it is comfortable and has a good rhythm.


Next Daisy rode Bjørn’s Kappi round the school.  Kappi and Daisy are good friends from last summer.

BN2A7893 BN2A7919 BN2A7951

As if not exhausted already (apparently she got up to come home at 05:00).  I dragged Daisy off to see the Bebbies and noted, en route, that the orchids are starting.  This heralds the beginning of summer for me.


The Bebbies were pleased to renew their acquaintance with Daisy.


Although utterly revolting from the last two days of constant rain, they managed to be in good spirits and happy to kill each other.


Tomorrow, we are going to attempt to brush them. To be honest, I dread it.  They look repulsive.


3 thoughts on “One Daughter Home

  1. RiderWriter

    There – seriously – is a school called “St. Snotwort’s???” If so I guess I have a juvenile sense of humor because I am laughing! 🙂 I’m sure it is a fine education institution.

    Glad your girl is home, though, and I hope she will help you with the Bebbies because that looks like a lottttttt of grooming…


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