Daisy and I decided that the Minions (new name for the Bebbies) could meet Iacs. They had already been introduced to Fakur who had been very nice to them, considering some of their appalling previous behaviour.

We kept Taktur, Haakon and Kappi away, behind an electric fence.  It left the situation nicely under control.

So we opened the Minions’ gate and let them meet up outside.

Iacs was very tolerant.


The boys were very eager to reintroduce themselves to Fakur.


He was gentle with them, if they behaved and is a good influence for manners.


Iacs just looked bemused, if a little worried.


As usual, the Minions were obsessed with bottoms …..

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Storm adored Fakur.


He stood behind him and gazed in wonderment at this noble beast.


When he grew slightly braver, he decided to see what would happen if….


he let his enquiring mind get the better of him….


So Fakur told him and he learned a valuable lesson.


This is the kind of education that these boys can only learn from their elders and betters.  A herd education is essential otherwise I will have three Thuglets.  Once they are castrated, I will put them in with the herd where the big ones can teach them what they need to know.

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