Peace, Perfect Peace

Tomorrow I am off to Aberdeen for an MRI of my pelvis (gynaecological) and spine (lumbar and sacral).  Hey ho.  It takes an hour.  I hope I don’t move.

Anywho, I wanted give myself some relaxing thoughts to take with me.  These photos were taken on Monday when it was hot, hot, hot in Shetland.

BeAnne was very hot so I took her swimming in our stream that runs through all our fields.


She was very enthusiastic and dived in after every stick I threw.  Not an easy task as there are few trees here.  So I threw in rotten pieces of redundant fence posts.


BeAnne loves swimming but I worry that she might take herself down to the stream without me knowing.  Supervised swimming is the only way.


Anyway, afterwards, the Vision of Canine Beauty and I went back up the hill to lie outside absorbing essential Vitamin D.

L1090413L1090425 L1090416

I lay in front of the house.  The Icelandic horses were about, eating and generally chilling around me.


There was the odd snuffle and wet nose investigating my comatose self but I felt safe and happy that there would be no low-flying hooves or teeth.  I trust my herd.


Just smiles and snuffles.  Perfect bliss.

L1090428 L1090435


I was thoroughly investigated by everyone and then mostly left alone.  Some returned but, while the grass is newly green, it held a bigger draw.


Suddenly, I heard a thud, tinkle, thud.  I got up to see Taktur had managed to fit into the world’s oldest knackered goat/chicken shed.  It is tiny but he was in there.


How?  I don’t know.  Perhaps he reversed into it.  He was very happy.


I suggested he came out but, nah.  That was not going to happen.


So I gave up and went back to my sunbathing.  Taktur’s problem.  He put himself there, he could get himself out.


It was fine, Taktur emerged a few minutes later to eat the grass I happened to by lying on.


Peace, perfect peace.

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