One Big Field

We drove to Lyradale to show some friends our Prehistoric site.

(please feel free to play Spot The BeAnne – just look for a small and sulky bottom!)

While OH was showing my visitors around Lyradale, I stayed behind for a spot of hugging and nose-kisseying.

Once I had told everyone how much I loved them, etc, I walked off to join the walkers in the far distance.

(spot the BeAnne)

Then I looked behind me to find that a certain someone had decided to leave the herd and to follow.

And, suddenly, almost everyone was following me.

I walked over two streams (burns) and kept going, determined to join the humans.

There was a rush of hooves behind me and I was overtaken.

Little fat galloping bottoms!

With Tiddles bringing up the rear.  He is not the fastest.

I stopped with our visitors to take a few prehistoric Shetland pony snaps.  Like you do!

Silver was looking magnificent.

Shetland ponies in their natural environment.  There is nothing better.


And then there was BeAnne!

And Loki!

My visitors and OH walked to the top of the hill.

They admired the view – you can see Delia (ancient Shetland pony mare) in the far distance having been left behind.  She was shouting her head off.

So, now what to do?  I took off my coat, for a headcollar, and wrapped it around Delia’s neck and lead her across the two streams so she could see the others and make her way over to them.

It was quite a schlep for her (poor thing, she was puffing at the long walk) but she successfully found them.

Phew!  Because I would’ve gone back later to make sure they all met up.  I hate ponies being distressed because they have lost each other.  I can’t sleep.

BeAnne went for her usual swim.

And then grumbled about having to come home in the car.

There is something very magical about Lyradale.


4 thoughts on “One Big Field

  1. Linda

    You certainly had the perfect weather for photos! That dark stormy-looking sky and all that glorious sunshine…looks like everyone had a perfect day (even Delia, thanks to her mum coming to the rescue)

  2. John Davies

    After a rough night I enjoyed looking at your little horses very much. Thanks, as always; I enjoy
    hearing about things where you are with you and your very extended family!


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