Gorgeous Orangeness

We have moved everyone to a new place.

The boys are now in a field and I remain hopeful that the late Autumn sunshine will help the grass in the more eaten fields start growing again.  It will be useful for later on in Winter.

This afternoon, I went down with my camera for a little sit and waited to see who came up to talk.

The Shetlands may be small but they are very very cute and much loved. I think they know this.

Newt has grown into a slight bigger Newt.  Perhaps not enormous in stature, he is huge in his head.

There is the same determination.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by small orange little peoples.  A plethora.

Despite this, Newt was trying hard to get through to talk to me.

He really put everything into it and shoved.

Darling Newt.  Every home should have one.

After a huge “orange” cuddle (that would be Klaengur, Newt, Albie (part orange), Efstur and Hjalti), the boys all went to have a drink at the stream.

And then they were back for more gorgeous orange-ness.

Can one person have too much orange?  I think not.

No such thing.

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