Lyra’s Big Adventure

Lyra is going on a Big Adventure.

We have known for a while about her journey.  For the last few days, Vitamin (mother) and Waffle (boyfriend) have been living together with Lyra.

Once Daisy had caught Lyra, Waffle followed them down to the gate.  Vitamin was not giving up her grub for anyone.

Eventually she followed Waffle and Lyra.

We are hoping Vitamin won’t miss her daughter.

They have been parted before.

I know I said that Vitamin and Lyra would always stay together but, if I am perfectly honest, neither pony actually need each other.

In my head this makes sense.

We took Lyra into the school, brushed and cleaned her ready for her trip south to the mainland.

She loaded fine and for 15 minutes she was on her own. She didn’t care at all.

En route, we stopped and collected another Shetland pony mare destined for the ferry.

We drove to the ferry in Lerwick.

The two mares were unloaded and put into separate livestock pens.

We said our goodbyes to Lyra.  We were upset, I won’t lie, but for Lyra, she is ready to spread her equine wings and to take on the world.  She is a lovely mare with incredible bloodlines, who is wasted sitting in a field with her mother and a selection of old ladies and Minions.  We don’t do the showing or the breeding thing anymore.

When we got home, we went and caught Waffle and Vitamin who were waiting by the gate.  Now they needed their friends.

We immediately took them over to Lyradale.

They were so happy to see their friends.

I hope we have done the right thing by Lyra.  In my heart, I know we have.

We wish Lyra the best and a future that she deserves.


4 thoughts on “Lyra’s Big Adventure

  1. Sam

    Knowing what is best for Lyra in the long run and then doing it….can not be easy. Trust that you know you made the best choice for Lyra and that is all that counts. She will be a grand credit to your love and devotion. But it still sucks.

  2. Terri

    **sniff** But you have done the right thing for Lyra. You gave her a wonderful ponyhood, and knew when it was time to let her go to fulfill her potential. As Sam wrote, it still sucks.


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