On the Boat

Flossie and I are on the boat going south tonight to Aberdeen.

At the beginning of the week, I received in the post an appointment for a “second assessment” from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Breast Screening Department.  The original scan was unclear or inconclusive – I forget which.

Patient Travel booked me a cabin there and back so I decided to take Flossie with me for moral support (and a shopping trip, if there is time). I have paid separately for her to accompany me.  We have a list from OH and Daisy too.

Anyway, I refuse to be worried. I probably coughed or something during the original scan and things are a blur. Better safe than sorry.  I shall go to the hospital appointment and then we shop til we drop (that, or make base camp at a local Aberdonian Asian supermarket with adjacent restaurant).

We come home on tomorrow night’s boat.  Think of me and think of Flossie carrying the shopping. I am determined all is well. It is out of my hands.

We should’ve brought one of these!

24 thoughts on “On the Boat

  1. Dee

    You will be fine. <> It is rare for something to suddenly show up at our time of life, I am told . I had a mammogram last week.
    An Asian supermarket – I LOVE them! Penang curry paste (milder than Thai red), fish sauce, hoisin sauce, dried shiitake mushrooms, palm sugar for rice puddings….so much cheaper than regular supermarkets. Yum yum !

  2. Cathy

    Hope you get good news tomorrow, will be thinking of you with everything crossed.

    How on earth would you have chosen which one of those lovely boys to take with you?

  3. Gunn Iren Kjøndal

    I’ll be thinking of you, Frances <3
    We are "in the same boat". I got a similar lettter in the post yesterday…… I cross my fingers, hands, feet and hope everything is ok for the both of us! Happy that Flossie is with you <3

  4. Dona

    Happy shopping & no medical surprises for you, Frances! Keeping positive thoughts. Enjoy your trip & time with Flossie.

  5. Lucy MacArthur

    Will be thinking of you Frances. Well done you for your outlook. Glad you have a cabin and not one of those dreadful pod/sleeping chair () things!

    Dont sink the boat on your return with your shopping spree spoils!

  6. Kerry

    Oh yuck! But tests these days are so sensitive they often pick up things which are safe to ignore, Well done you for making the most of it, and you will have Floss with you to help with all that necessary (an I hope the vital unnecessary) shopping
    And all those lovely beings to return to tomorrow evening.
    Keeping fingers crossed and pressing thumbs
    All the best

  7. Simone

    Sending good vibes – all well, all well! <3 <3
    Have fun shopping!
    How are you for rose oil, btw.?

  8. Margaret Robinson

    Lots of x-rays come back like yours. It’s just good the technician and doctors are so competent. Nothing you can do other than have some good food and drink, run your errands and shop, shop, shop! MMR

  9. Marlane

    I will be wishing you the best. I had something come up on a mammogram when I was about 50 and it turned out to be a cyst that was harmless.

  10. Nix

    I was in your “boat” 2 weeks ago, my op is in 2 weeks time , only a few mm’s but spotted on a routine mammogram, hope yours is clear XX. Enjoy the shopping and spices.

  11. diane in northern wis

    Praying for you dear Frances, that all will indeed be well. Have a good trip and enjoy your shopping too!

  12. Suzanne Kelly

    Frances! Sorry to hear you have this worry- but glad you are getting it checked out and I know you will be well looked after. If I can be of any help, just ask. Wishing you well!

  13. Christine

    I hope all went well and you return home with many full bags of goodies.
    I, too, had to go back for a second visit. It turned out to be nothing, but ever so worrisome until I knew the results.


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