Our Shetland Summer

The weather is being kind. The rain that is on the horizon has lessened, along with the much-feared thunder storm.  BeAnne (and I) hate them.

Everyone is making the most of the calm before the rain.

The Boyzenberries are on good form.

They are all relieved to have lost the weight of their fleeces and are much nicer for it.

Even Lambie has managed to get over himself which is a huge relief all round.

These days, the Boyzenberries come and go, sometimes “escaping” to the hill when they want to. They are fascinated by the little lambs and try to talk to them if they can or their Mums let them. However, they don’t stay for long or go very far and always come running home when I call them.

I have stopped feeding sheep mix for obvious reasons but they all have a daily dose of their TurmerAid.  It does them the world of good.

And so we were sitting outside with the sheep, when Monster appeared and decided to stalk us.

Silly boy.

Always so very busy.

He is one very photogenic cattie.

(We don’t really have butterflies much – a helicopter flew over!)

All is going along well here.  We are enjoying our Shetland summer.

5 thoughts on “Our Shetland Summer

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    How idyllic! What lovely creatures and flora! Who is the beautiful white cat caught mid air? Enjoy your summer!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I hope it’s a bit cooler on Shetland than it is down here. It’s been stifling today and I’d positively welcome a thunderstorm!

  3. darby callahan

    Just look at Lambie leap! He seems to be over his down spell after shearing. Happy that all is well .


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