A Long Day

It has been a long day.  Firstly, all is fine. I must say that quickly as I don’t want to worry anyone. The lovely wonderful efficient NHS was working at its very best for me and I feel very lucky and blessed.

So this was my day….

09:00 Off the boat and into a prebooked taxi to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Breast Scanning Department.  An appointment which included three different types of scans, a lovely doctor,  kind helpful nurses and amazing radiographers.  Everyone checked and double checked, examined and looked at my left bewb which and shown a wee blip previously.

Two hours later, feeling a little squished but nothing awful, Floss and I left with me having been given the all clear and been discharged.  Next visit in three years when the mobile unit comes up.

So thank you God.

We took another taxi to an Asian supermarket I have always wanted to visit.  This time I had Flossie with me – my excellent Sichuan Chinese cook.

After perusing and buying the entire contents therein, Floss and I went to the next door restaurant for dim sum.  We deserved it.  Delicious.

To make up for our decadence, we walked miles into town.  Apparently my middle class super power is that I can find a branch of John Lewis in any provincial town!

The excitement never stopped. We shopped, Floss tried on, I parted with cash, we dropped but all was worth it.

We also sprayed every known fragrance searching for The One.  Aberdeen is now empty.  And so back on the boat going home.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts.  It is appreciated and, like you, I am wholly relieved.

20 thoughts on “A Long Day

  1. Kerry

    Phew! That is excellent news – the “problem” is that these machines are so high powered and getting ever better, they pick up the tiniest thing. A worry – but also (as you say a blessing) – because it is detecting any thing sus so much quicker, which means if treatment is needed it is much more likely to be successful.

    Amd what a great shopping trip. Thanks for highlighting such delights. I now know what to look out for once I get up your way.

    And neck those G&Ts – you deserve it

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Phew!!! What a relief. You definitely deserved some retail therapy after all that. Hope it’s a peaceful journey home and that tomorrow is a good day, weather-wise so you can relax and enjoy all your furry friends. xx

  3. Sally Feldt

    Wonderful to read your good news, Frances. What a huge relief for you. No wonder you treated yourselves to good food & good shopping! x

  4. Dee

    I KNEW you would be OK !
    Those bottom two shelfs in the Chinese supermarket look very familiar ! I am addicted to Lao Gan Ma chilli crisp sauce.

    1. Dee

      I was thinking “how strange that she can get it in Aberdeen!“
      But then you are probably also thinking “how strange that she can get it in Nova Scotia!“.

  5. Lucy MacArthur

    So glad all ok with the follow up screening Frances and that you both enjoyed your day. I have never been to Aberdeen (can feel a poem coming on …) as it has been such a long journey to getto the West side of Scotland, we have always run out of steam to go elsewhere in our usual 2 week maximum off work.

  6. Janet

    Excellent news Frances .. So glad you managed to cram in a proper ladies who lunch day!! Safe journey home xx

  7. Robyn

    So pleased that you are well Frances. I was thinking of you all day yesterday and hoping for the best result.
    Now you can rest easily and not worry. xx

  8. diane in northern wis

    So glad to hear your good news, Frances. Glad you made a great day out of it too!
    Thanks be to God, indeed!

  9. Margaret Robinson

    Good for you (and NHS, which gets horrible reviews this side of the Pond). Glad to see it can work and work well. I’ve never doubted that it works, ‘cus I used it when I broke my leg some years ago in Scotland. Registered as a “foreigner” and had great care. It’s not so different here in the states, if you’ve got health benefits, but people just like to complain when they can, I guess.

    Anyway, glad you turned out okays and the day was a success!!!!!

  10. Katie

    So good to read the good news! Also so glad you were able to get a fun day of yummy food and shopping accomplished as well!


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