Olympic Team GB Eating Athletes

Little Pongo spent yesterday evening asleep on my shoulder.  We nodded off together.


This morning, I put him outside with his slurry-bottomed mother, who ignored him totally.


She still has terrible diarrhoea (smelly green water) but is alive and sometimes on her feet.  She is living in OH’s old vegetable garden now where there is spring grass, water, ewe mix and hay.  Everything a sheep should need to stay alive but she is horribly thin and not long for this world. It would be kinder to put her to sleep but, as she is not mine, I cannot make this decision.


Meanwhile, the Olympic Team GB Eating athletes were offering support, help and advice.


It was ignored but this did not stop them from persevering.


Generous is Iacs’ middle name, apparently!


When it got cooler, I took Pongo back indoors.  He has a new housey to live in under the stairs.


Pongo’s favourite bed is a foot warmer I was given a foot warmer for Christmas.   He is very happy listening to the telly while lying on it.


Pongo really is a very easy “caddy” (Shetland word for orphan lamb) at the moment.  He answers if you talk to him and seldom nags. He just wants hugs and kisses.

Joke from OH – if anyone accuses me of anthropomorphism, it is ok – a little bird told me so!




9 thoughts on “Olympic Team GB Eating Athletes

  1. Karen

    So will Pongo be joining the clan? Keep up the good work Frances, you are such a good neighbour and so kind to four footers.

  2. lesley cafferky

    Ah well frances I can say this for sure…Not for the deep freeze….Would look so cute on back of pony along with cuddle wool doggy !!!..Have you had lamb kisses yet..thats the house keys for sure !!x

  3. Linda K

    Poor Mum. Not her fault she’s too ill to care for her baby
    Would the company of other sheep make her rally a bit? I really hope she recovers.

  4. Bigears

    Pongo Pressure Group – no eating of Pongo, ever. I find it very hard to look at lambs in fields, they are having such fun, bombing around, little do they know. And then suddenly they are all gone.

    Some of the old ewes are pretty poor.

  5. Terri

    That first photo is so dear — that’s exactly what Pongo needs, cuddling and closeness by someone who loves him. Of course the best thing would be his real mum, but she can’t care for him — I can’t help but feel sorry for her, as she was once a little lamb too. As humans, we may think nature harsh or cruel, but nature just “is”. (A little bird told me.)

  6. Sam

    Love OH’s joke but really adore the last 2 audience members’ reactions!
    Glad to hear Pongo is doing better, sorry to hear Mum is not.


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