Meanwhile Back at The Ranch….

Meanwhile, back at the ranch……

Everyone is fine, if neglected.

Taktur has his Mini-Me, Waffle.  They rarely leave each other’s side because they are identical twins.  Yes, you heard me, twins!  Waffle still likes his hugs, despite being a Big Boy now.

Having seen this photo, I realise that Waffle has a fatter tumbly than Taktur!


Little Tiddles remains the personification of enchanting.  He still gives the best kisses, when asked, is loving, easy and very sweet.  Everyone should have a Tiddles, if you ask me, if only for the laughter factor.  He is therapy on four legs and has the best expressions to photograph.


Silver, despite this extraordinary photo, is a sensitive soul.  He doesn’t like change and he trusts me to sort out any problems – like wearing a food bucket because, apparently, that is what a ‘mother’ is for!


Storm is still, well, Storm.  I tried to take his rug off so he bit me (yes, we had words).  He loves his rug and, to be fair, it can be very cold at night.  I watch the weather forecast on an hourly basis and worry as well because, apparently, that is what a ‘mother’ is for!


The rest of the horses are fine. Haakon is full of the joys of spring and thinks he is younger than he is.  He also forgets that he is fat and unfit as we bounce down the road in a sweaty heap.

Little Pongo is still going along. He sleeps a lot and is very wobbly on his legs.  He worries me hugely.  BeAnne has calmed down, which is good and Loki has never shown any interest.  I still don’t trust either of them.


So that is us, at The Ranch!


8 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back at The Ranch….

  1. Linda

    So nice to see the “gang” – you’ve brilliantly set it up so everyone has at least one friend to keep them company, although I’m quite sure you’re the most popular among them; how could you not be?

  2. darby

    will continue to hope for Pongo’s recovery. somehow I missed your post yesterday and was saddened to learn the other little lamb had passed.

  3. Vivienne

    I suffer the same affliction…I can’t give up on little souls…. Hence several “girls” who never go on “dates”and one big boy. Anyhoo, having spent nights on the settee with lambs in the past, I just thought I might alert you that if Pongo is very tired he may have an infection. I have had this a couple of times in lambs and they have got over it with treatment.I have a attached a link, just in case.

    Good luck.

  4. Terri

    Thanks for the update on the gang. (How is Wussums, btw? Still venturing down to the sitting room? Has WW3 finally ended?)
    I reeeeally hope little Pongo makes it, he is soooo sweet. xos

  5. Sam

    Love the Ranch pictures! The Big Me and Mini Me is sweet but your are right – everyone needs a Tiddles!
    And Storm is cute in his rug but Silver is delightful! Still keeping Pongo in my prayers.


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