Oh, the weather outside is frightful

We woke up this morning to another gale.  *** sigh ***

My only consolation is that it is not freezing cold and it was not raining…… yet.

I shouted for Haakon (ancient gelding who lost much weight last winter) and Taktur (stallion in work) to bring them in to feed.  They have a daily breakfast tailored to their individual requirements.

BeAnne, funnily enough is always on hand to vacuum up anything dropped.

Taktur at least looks fairly embarrassed that his best and only friend is a small greedy Patterdale terrier that has no shame.

Haakon is very enthusiastic about this feeding regimen.

After the boys have finished eating, we rugged them up as rain was forecast later, to go with the wind.   That’s nice (not).

I am glad we rugged these two up. It is now not nice out there (I am writing the blog late afternoon).

Meanwhie the Boyzenberries have a new slogan – Free the Three!  Pah.  Like that is going to happy any day soon.  Their life now consists of living in a field during the day and then being allowed out to go round the house at night.  If they want breakfast, they have to go into the field.  So far, this is working and it means people/cars can come and go during the daytime without the worry of anyone running away into the hill.

When I let them out in the evening, they get carrots and ginger biscuits as a reward for spending the day in a field full of green grass!  I think I am a mug.

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