My Front Door

Today was much better weather-wise than the past few days.  This is what I saw when I opened the front door after lunch.

A rare glimpse of the sun with Klængur and BeAnne.

Haakon was nearby stuffing his face while trying to look optimistic.

Floss and I had been riding earlier in the morning – it was fabulous – and we had left our horses around the house as we were moving them all to the back field later in the day.

There was a lovely light and I really enjoy having the boys around ( and yes, I would let them into the house if I could get away with it). 

While they were grazing, I popped over to Leradale to check the other two herds and BeAnne volunteered to come along too which hasn’t happened for a while.  So, for her reward, I took her for a walk (and she took herself for a swim) around the croft – pics tomorrow.

Home again, horses moved and I went to sit outside to watch the sun go down with my Boyzenberries.

They may have mostly seen the error of their ways, though Lambie is in a terrible sulk. It is not being indulged.

I sat on a very cold rock surrounded by ‘Bert and ‘Ster who were very chatty and we watched the sunset together.

‘Ster and I took selfies.  I think we make a very handsome couple.  ‘Ster loves a camera.

6 thoughts on “My Front Door

  1. Linda K

    It’s such a bonus when you get a good day at this time of year. Like a gift.
    Ster is much (much) larger close up than I imagined. Still a handsome sheep though. Plucky Be-Anne – the water must be freezing.

  2. diane in northern wis

    How nice to see your sunshine! And I love all the pictures especially that last one! Hope Lambie comes around soon. What a stinker! Merry Christmas to you all.


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