Monster Cat

Monster is pretty much settled here now.  He has us all very well trained.  Monster wants to be fed every minute. He is also a liar.  He even has a bowl on a timer that flips open at 05:00 to stop him pestering OH for food all night.  This mostly works although there was one day when the lid did not flip open and it was his WORST DAY EVER! 

Monster also worships at the Temple of the Fridge.

And addresses many prayers to it.

When not praying or worshipping, Monster Cat has taken a liking to BeAnne’s bed – her special bed, the one next to mine in which smells only of her and in which no other animal has sat.


Until now, that is.

Monster climbed in and professionally went to sleep at BeAnne, much to her rage and fury. She was almost in two minds as to whether she should get out of bed.

But as BeAnne was in bed with me, there was not a lot she could do about this invasion.

Monster then did that irritating thing of looking very happy and comfortable in this new dog-smelly bed.

Even practising his yoga – the ultimate insult.


6 thoughts on “Monster Cat

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Realize that probably none of this is supposed to be funny, I tried refraining from laughing – then I sent it to Harry and I could hear him laughing in the office. Then, I had to laugh with him. This all is too funny (except for BeAnne of course). Monster has taken over, which was probably his plan from the first when he found such a wonderful family!

    Harry and I send our best wishes for a joyful Christmas and most wonderful New Year!!


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