Odds and Sods

A few odds and sods from the past few days.

These two are called Wiggins (ask Daisy why, I can’t remember – was it because she has sideburns like Bradley Wiggins?) and Elvis (yes, he is a she and I think at one stage looked like Elvis Presley but less so now she is mid-moult).  Anyway, they are the two most scheming of the hens and can hear Taktur approaching to be fed from miles away.


BeAnne is in a pose and seems to have recovered from her outside ordeal.  She reminds me of a It-Psammead when she sits like this.


The Minions are on flying form.  They all have very individual characters and I adore them.

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Poor Daisy misses her Iacs very much and vice versa.  When she is home at Christmas, he will be happy. He barely bothers to come up anymore to the shed to talk as he knows he probably won’t be ridden.


Little Storm on the other hand is up and at ’em every minute.  He trots past Taktur on his way to his food and is keen on this daily routine.  He thinks it is a very good idea.


He is also surgically attached to his rug.  I forgive him as he is frailer and smaller than the rest. I just never saw myself as a rug person but as it is for health reasons, I shall cut myself some slack.


I think this has to be one of the best photos I have ever taken.  Taktur with his Minion, Waffle.  It sums it all up really.  The Minions have been very good for everyone this year.


For a comparison of heights,  Taktur is probably 13.3hh.


8 thoughts on “Odds and Sods

  1. Karen

    Love the photo of Taktur and Waffle. I have been reminiscing about meeting your herd these last few days, whilst finally having the chance to sit and start spinning Silver’s foal fur. My new puppy has been taking up most of my time since we came home (love having a dog again) , but I am slowly going back to doing ‘my’ things. Still have a mixed bag to sort and spin. Was it just from Storm or a bit from all three of them?

      1. Karen

        I have loads of Silver’s and the one bag of ‘mixed’ which is black and white so was assuming it was probably from Storm but wasn’t sure if it had some of Waffle in it too

  2. Joanie

    I adore the picture of Taktur and Waffle. Perfection…definitely perfection!
    What an amazingly gorgeous gentlemen Taktur is! Trotting behind Silver giving “chase”. Your bebbies all have such good manners.

  3. Terri

    Yes, one of the best photos you’ve ever taken — and you’ve taken a lot of beautiful photos! I also love the headshot of Storm and his mane. Feeling sorry for Iacs, missing Daisy….
    PS Don’t fret over Storm’s rug — if he needs it, who cares?

  4. Sam

    If ever there was a Christmas card photo – it is Taktur and Waffle! And sometimes Minions who started life off poorly need rugs to keep them warm and giggly. Plus he looks adorable.


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