Letting their Hair Down

The Minions, like all celebrities, need to be able to let their hair (or fur) down after a hard day’s filming.

It is very unusual for Klængur to play, let alone with a Minion.  They are not his type but they were running and chasing each other very happily this afternoon in the rare winter sun.


Iacs then turned up and was duly attacked.  You can see Waffle just happening to be in the area where they then mounted a two prong attack.


Afterwards, they ran away giggling.


Storm, who had been up the top eating hay with Haakon, galloped down the hill in his new Dinky rug full of the joys, or full of carrots, hay and a big hard feed.


I think this has to be the best photo of Storm in his rug, ever!  He was so happy, he did a straight leg buck thing while trying to chase Waffle.


This set Taktur off too.  He had been face-fighting with Haakon until the three Minions appeared.


There was obviously something in the air.


Taktur was keen to join in with the Minion game too.


There is nothing like a good bit of Minion chasing and Silver gave a playful strategic kick.


Then they turned round and Taktur did a wonderful slow canter, which was purposefully not quite fast enough to catch Silver.  Bless him.  It was like watching Dad on the beach pretending to catch his toddler.


Afterwards, Silver decided to plague him by eating his back legs.


This went on all afternoon.  Lovely to watch.

6 thoughts on “Letting their Hair Down

  1. Louise

    Your boys look so happy 🙂

    Its been a beautiful day here in lancashire and weve had a lovely day with our boys too. These pics do make me smile 🙂


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