Nother Neep

First, just to clear things up – A Neep for me is a swede, not a turnip.

Anyway, it is blowing a gale outside (gusting over 50 mph) and there was a mutiny about going outside to stand in muddy fields.

As that well known saying goes, “you can lead a horse to mud, but you can’t make him wade through it” or something similar.  I forget.

Haakon hates being cooped up all day and he still needs to be on dry ground, so I gave him a private haynet that no one else knew about.  He was very appreciative and munched as silently as he could.


I opened the stable door so that those who wanted to could have free access to the silage bale, as long as they promised on their honour not to pee on the floor, chew the carts, unwrap the shavings or throw the dry rugs about.


On the otherside of the shed, I hung a neep.  Iacs whirled it round his head for a while and made himself boggly eyed.


Then he remembered how to deal with this uncooperative vegetable.  With the help of a few Minions, they could all work together and have a bit.  At first it was a bit like watching Bar Skittles – ie everytime Iacs made a grab for the neep, it swung away violently and hit a Minion on the head!


Iacs had to keep reminding himself that he needed Minion help and that by himself he would only get the whole thing in his mouth and possibly stuck!


There were two clean-up crews at the ready for any bits that needed clearing.

BN2A1852   BN2A1876

Once they had it under their control, the boys made short work of the neep.


Everyone shared very nicely.


Kappi and Waffle made an excellent efficient team.


The neep quickly disappeared.


Because, we all know, there is nothing like a good neep.


5 thoughts on “Nother Neep

  1. Karen

    Wet and yucky here too and I am about to venture out again with pup. Sat this morning and consoled myself by spinning a little more ‘Silver’. The pile seems never ending! Bet Rumplestiltskin has never seen silver like this…much better than trying to spin gold from straw! Love the pictures of the boys with the neep…what team work 😀

  2. Bigears

    it’s blowing here but not too wet! wonder what it will be like when we walk the dog – flying poodles

  3. Rebecca Final

    Aren’t they clever little things? It really shows how tiny the Minions are when they are right next to the bigger ponies.

  4. Sam

    Love the co-operation pictures! Glad to know New England is not the only place getting a little stir-crazy waiting for spring. My 2 Maine Coons have gone through a lot of catnip this month.


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