I’ve Been Riding

I’ve been having a wonderful time recently riding my little ginger ninja, Klængur, in the school (please excuse my Bitchy Resting Face, lack of the correct attire as well as dodgy leg and hand position).


I had sort of forgotten about riding in the indoor school because Klængur and I like accompanying Bjørn when he rides Taktur outside.

Also, my day is taken up with mucking out, sweeping up, feeding Taktur his Handsome Prince food, Minions their speshul food, Haakon his hoofy food, trying not to feed Iacs, Klængur and Kappi too much food, taking off rugs, putting rugs on, soaking feet, poulticing, putting out more silage, removing pee’ed on silage, evicting chickens, evicting Minions and kissing all helpful noseys.

At the end of that, I have rather come to the end of my day without actually riding on any horse at all!


Anywho, I am really enjoying riding Klængur.  He is a pocket rocket when I ask and I trust him 100% to look after me.  I am very proud of this little chap.  He has come a very long way, in more ways that one, and I love him to bits.


Roll on Spring, please. I want to get out more and have some fun.



2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Riding

  1. Linda

    I’m flattered that you think I would notice that your riding attire/riding position is anything but perfect! 😉
    Klaengur is just magnificent, and I love that ginger color.


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