Everybody Out

Spring is on its way and today made a very faint appearance before it is snatched away from us tomorrow with another huge impending storm!

I know this because the oyster catchers (shalders) have returned.


As I had a flute lesson this morning, I quickly chucked everyone out after their breakfast, into the big field that is half grass and half hill-type grazing.

I went to visit them this afternoon while I walking the dogs,


The herd are all very good friends and seem settled together.


I wonder if the Minions think they are smaller than the others?  I don’t actually think so.


They are never bullied or pushed out by the big boys.  A Minion will happily push his way through a pile of legs and I have even seen a certain small white-ish one even go under a belly to get what he wanted!


Best of all was watching Haakon with Tiddles.  Now this was not a sight I was expecting to see.


Haakon is the head of the herd and I would say Tiddles is at the bottom in the pecking order.


I consider this serious bravery from Tiddles as Haakon can be a bit of an old dinosaur when he wants.


Darling Tiddles has obviously charmed everyone.  His determination at being “one of the boys but with no playing, please”, has worked.  Even though he is Tail-End Charlie, he slowly trundles at the back along being totally cute and cuddly.


What is not to love?


7 thoughts on “Everybody Out

  1. Terri

    I’m so glad it has worked out with Tiddles — he has found a good home with you and your herd. I don’t think he cares where he is in the lineup.

  2. Sam

    Every herd, horse or cat, needs a Alpha and an Omega. Tiddles and Haakon have figured this out. Love how much your time and attention has helped Tiddles become the “large” pony he is now.

  3. Linda

    Seems to me Haakon senses something special about Tiddles, and treats him accordingly.
    They are SO sweet together!


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