Not So Little Albert Potato aka Albie

Anyone remember the little orphan foal who came to us in the spring of 2016 – Albie’s arrival blog post (Albie was called Brisk then)?

He was funny little chap who needed lots of love and attention.  A Mummy’s boy without his proper Mummy.

So this is Albie now, 4 years on.  A solid little chap.

Still a huge (literally) Mummy’s boy.

We adore him.

But, best of all, definitely one of the boys.  He has been accepted – it took a while as he was in their eyes “different”.

I was just thinking today that Albie has come a very long way from the poor little sad “screaming” foal who wanted his Mum more than anything.  Even though we were totally out of our depth, we tried our very best for him (Floss put in the hours – she truly did – out all weathers and hours with her bucket of milk) and we were also very lucky in being given a diary from another Shetland pony breeder who had bucket-reared a foal which gave us some essential guidelines to follow.

We are very proud of the gorgeous (if slightly fat) pony Albie has become.  He is a total joy.

**** sniff, so proud ****

7 thoughts on “Not So Little Albert Potato aka Albie

  1. Sam

    Little Albert Potatoe has become a rather handsome gent. In no small part because of the work, dedication and love your family heaped on this boy. Well done! He has blossomed beautifully under your care.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh what a very neat story you tell today, Frances. I loved reading the back story about little Albie, who looked so forlorn in those first pics. How did you end up with him then? The mare must not have wanted to nurse him? The owner asked you if you would take him? Well….I’m so glad you did. What a beautiful boy he is. You’ve done an awesome job….you and the girls! Thanks for sharing this awesome story!


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