Boring, Sorry

This is the world’s most boringest blog post and I am sorry. There is no excuse except I have been busy doing the mundane stuff that made up my life today.

My morning was spent trying to work out the logistics of going south at the end of this month.  Youngest daughter has been accepted by Bristol University to do a Masters degree in Chinese-English translation.  I have decided to drive her down south, settle her into wherever (halls or a flat) and then drive on to see my mother for a week.  I haven’t seen her in just under a year. I was meant to go south in the middle of March for her 80th birthday celebrations but it was all postponed.

BeAnne is doing well now. Her health issues seem to be well controlled by a twice daily cocktail of drugs. Although she is a bit of a doitin’ old lady, and a fat one at that, I am hoping Her Maj will be fine without me for just under two week.  Obviously I will worry like mad and, if BeAnne is not coping, then I will drive as fast as I can home. She will have Daisy and OH who will look after her and see to her every need. It is the best I can do.

These days, it is not easy leaving Shetland but hopefully today’s efforts have not been wasted in organising our trip south.

So that’s the plan.

As it was Thursday afternoon, Daisy and I went over to Transition Turrifield to pack vegetables for their delivery box-scheme.

(the view from the shed)


7 thoughts on “Boring, Sorry

  1. darby callahan

    your blog is never boring. it is a respite from the craziness of the world, especially here in the US, without wanting to get political. since we cannot travel, it is a way of seeing somewhere else in the world, for me a place that has so much of what I love the most, animals, especially horses, nature. and good luck with the travel plans, be safe.

  2. Shelley

    Never boring. My mornings wouldn’t be complete with a visit to Shetland. Enjoy your getaway. I hope you’re able to share it with us!

  3. Gail

    You sent me off to Transition Turrifield–wonderful to see/read what is going on there!! I looked for the cat in the postcard drawing–twice–unsuccessfully. Do have a good trip south. Hugs.


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