Poor Old Men

A terrible morning.  We woke up to hear screaming horses and, upon rushing outside, found the gate between the two fields had “somehow” come open.

It has been windy recently and perhaps the rope had finally frayed and given up, or perhaps a ginger ninja (we have three, so there is a choice of ninja with specialist rope skills) has spent the night chewing it.  Who knows.

Anyway, Taktur and his friends had rushed into the old men’s field and were beating them up.  By the time we arrived on the scene, Klængur was hiding in another field and, with OH on the gate, the girls quickly caught Haakon and Iacs to take them to his field too.  Taktur and his mates were galloping around, high on adrenaline from bullying feeling very pleased with themselves.  I shot them a filthy look and concentrated on Iacs and Haakon, who were relieved to leave the scene and feeling very sorry for themselves.

Iacs seemed physically ok but Haakon had bites on his neck and there was a little blood.  We gave him Danilon (painkiller) and then checked on them all regularly.

I went down later with a huge bag of carrots to distribute. Carrots make everything better.


I could tell Haakon was still upset.  He refused to talk. Once he was the boss of the herd and now he is not.  It hurts.

I really feel for him.   A few years back Haakon would’ve given as good as he got and put everyone in their places leaving them all in no doubt that he was the boss.

Anyway, those days are gone now and Haakon, his wounded pride and his friends are in a good field away from the bullying rabble.

I am glad these three are together.  They are a close little group who rarely bicker and seem to be fairly equal in status.

Bloody stallion. Bloody other horses.  Poor Haakon and Iacs.


6 thoughts on “Poor Old Men

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh no Frances! So sorry to hear about this escapade and resulting bullying of the ‘old men’.

    I am very glad you all managed to get it sorted before too much damage was done and hope no lingering wounds (other than pride, maybe).

  2. Cathy

    Oh no, poor boys. I’m glad it was nothing worse than a few bites and Haakon’s wounded pride. I hope Taktur are his fellow thugs were left out of the carrot round. Hugs for the three old men.

  3. Linda Kirk

    What a shame. Poor boys. Sending comforting hugs to all three. Glad you were on hand to sort it out quickly.
    No more carrots, ever, for the bad guys!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh such beautiful horses….so sorry to hear they were the victims of the bruisers! Hopefully that won’t happen again for a very long time, if ever. Glad you all heard the ruckus and got out there as fast as you could. Bites yet? nasty nasty!


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