Not Forgotten

The Minions have not been forgotten.

They argue with each other behind the fence in their huge field and the girls go and visit them every day.

Daisy, who is in charge of the feeding, decided they could have some silage while the snow lies and huge bales are carried down to the potentially “starving”.

However, there is still some grass sticking out from under the snow which the ponies could find if they wanted.  Or they could even dig.  They are Shetland ponies and therefore very resourceful.

But their greatest resource is their charm and Silver was in a very good mood, according to Flossie – taker of the photos.

He came up for a chat and smiled sweetly, working that field like a pro!  Of course many carrots will have been distributed too.

One day soon, hopefully, I will be able to leave my pit and go and see everyone.  The snow is melting now and I am missing all my little chaps.  BeAnne has yet to leave my side.

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