Out of my Pit!

This morning, I was feeling a little better (though, if this cough continues, I think a visit to the doctor may be on the cards) so I climbed out of my pit and have been pottering round the house all day.

After lunch, I went outside to see how everyone was getting on.

We have a bit of snow, apparently more than anywhere else.  Why us? Are we a special catchment area?

The boys are doing fine.

They all look well-fed and content.

Those that need their rugs, have them.  The rest don’t.  Fat and furry.

It was lovely to see everyone, if cold, which made me cough more.

It was obvious that the girls and OH had been working very hard.  Snow makes every task twice as difficult and long.

The sheeple, as ever, were about.

They have, as well as daily hard feed, unlimited silage rations which ‘Ster mostly wears about his person.

Lambie was pleased to see his BeAnne (his mini-Muzzah).

I had a long chat with Puzzah who I think genuinely missed me not being around.

The sheep are good at tidying up the silage that falls out of the fishboxes.  In this weather, everyone is fed twice a day, so a good cleaning-up crew is useful.  I hate waste.

BeAnne loves snow but, having been stuck to my duvet this past week, she has missed out this winter.

And then it clouded over and started to snow again.

So me and my camera went indoors and I took photos from the shelter of the back door.

It was nice to be outside for a change.  Still ruddy coughing, though.

6 thoughts on “Out of my Pit!

  1. Linda

    So glad you’re feeling better, Frances! (speaking from personal experience, if the cough lasts more than 2 weeks, see the dr. I once went 6 weeks coughing, got some antibiotics, and it was gone in 10 days…just sayin’)

  2. diane in northern wis

    Hooray you’re out and about…and the animals look wonderful! Love those last pics with the snow falling too…..beautiful. Accolades of praise to your worthy helpers, especially in the cold and snow.


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